Zoei`s second birthday yesterday

 IMG_0072Birthdays always seem to be a big celebration in the Philippines. Not sure if its me that’s getting old and not wanting reminding of my age or its just celebrated more here. We spent most of the day at April`s parents and some relatives dropped by to give birthday wishes and stop for dinner and refreshments. Zoei didn’t seem to aware of it being her birthday but at two she`s more interested in watching TV than anything else and quite happy to munch on bread sticks rather than eating cake. IMG_0137As she gets older no doubt the toy phase will kick in with already knowing what she wants like Nicole who arrives with a complete shopping list. But then again one of the big advantages of the Philippines with all its false advertising on Milk and its TV shows that are constantly “thanking sponsers” is that I have yet to see a single advertisement for children’s toys. I can understand with the poverty levels most people are looking to earn enough just to pay the bills and put food on the table. But then again isn’t the UK getting like that yet it still advertises the latest products to enforce the fact of the “must have” products?

Anyway getting back to the party it was just a small event which was nice as there was no need to try and keep everyone happy as the bigger events we have groups of different people who are only connected together through us which means you have to split your time between tables. Zoei`s birthday was family so the atmosphere was more laid back. Most of the cooking had been arranged with Auntie Jill who lives nearby via Aprils mother. As me and April hadn’t thought about arranging a big event but I can see Zoei is quickly becoming a favourite of Aprils mother.


We also visited the local Minglanilla church to ligIMG_0096ht candles for Zoei`s birthday im not sure what the candles signify but something related to the Catholic faith and if it keeps everyone happy and gets us out the house for a while it can’t be bad. The only problem with letting Zoei out of the house is she doesn’t want to go back inside. She loves to walk regardless if she knows where she is going or not. So at the Church trying to get a few good photos was difficult to say the least  because as soon as she is on the ground she’s off to explore.