Zoei’s Off To Fiesta

Zoei’s Off To FiestaLot of rushing around today due to moving things from the old house to the new one, climbing on roofs taking down TV and internet antenna’s then reinstalling them as well as filling all the holes in the old place from where the curtains and things had been ready for painting.

At the same time as you can see Zoei was off to Fiesta and its funny when she knows she’s going out as she becomes 100% good and just quietly waits for her ride. Surprising how quickly kids develop. I would also say that its worth using YouTube for things like ABC’s, Phonics and numbers as Zoei’s picked them all up well and can do her ABC’s from any letter as well as will sound out the phonics with them. A lot of the songs on YouTube make them easy for kids to learn.

Zoei disappeared off to fiesta for a few hours and it left us a rare occasion with only me April and Ewe at the house. Quiet afternoon is something we don’t have very often and a bit of running around with Ewe helps keep me fit. I was sitting discussing with April earlier about the fact Zoei has now hit that age where she’s pretty happy doing a lot of things for herself and doesn’t need much watching over while Ewe has now entered the stage where you need eyes in the back of your head.

The kids love the new bunk beds and my back is loving being back off the sofa bed and into my own still get the odd stray in the middle of the night and to get them off to sleep but main thing is getting a good nights rest for everyone.

Got a new battery for the Jeepy as well this week which is another story at the same time will be off out in the Jeepy tomorrow for a christening and birthday celebration. If your interested its going for P25,000 will just need registering at Mandaue.  All in all a pretty good day which also seen Ewe spending a bit of time with the kids in the neighbourhood. He likes getting around in his buggy to be nosey. Also has a keen interest in animals and can identify cats,chickens and different dogs depending on their name. Just ask him where the cat is and he will point it out to you.