Zoei’s 3rd Birthday party in Minglanilla, Cebu

Group photo from Zoei's birthday

Bit of a time out for everyone today as we headed off to a nearby resort for Zoei’s birthday I have to admit that is one thing the Philippines isn’t short of is a resort within walking distance of most places. So today being Zoei’s day it was more to getting up to what she likes to do best which in Zoei’s case is swimming and lots of it.

Zoei swimming

Although it was a great day was also the last event Zoei’s helper will be attending as she will be heading back to the provinces. I am hoping she will be able to sort out any issues she’s got back at home as she does a great job with helping with Zoei and would be sad to lose her. At the same time also not too good for Zoei changing people as I was just looking over the pool photos and remembered Zoei’s last helper left shortly after a visit we had last year too another resort and if I remember rightly was also around birthday time.

Kids enjoying raindrops

Zoei with her football

Me cooking BBQWe were lucky enough to have friends and relatives make the event which in the Philippines normally means BBQ and food being someone’s birthday. Surprise surprise plenty of pork but also fish and chicken. I took over the BBQ to give April a bit of time to relax for a change as she’s normally on the go from the moment she wakes up until she sleeps. So all in all everyone seemed to have a great time. One of the funniest things to watch though was Ewe as it was the first time he had really been in a pool and he just sat quietly not sure what was going through his mind but he seemed very content to just float around and sit there all day if he could.

Ewe in floatation device

One thing for sure is he is still getting a lot of photo opportunities and with the photos taken they seemed to be mainly of him in some form compared to everyone else who was there.

Aprils aunt and Ewe

Ewe and my wife April

My mother inlaw and Ewe