YouTube Videos Disappearing

I came across a problem the other day which to be honest is rather annoying as YouTube appears to have lost over 70 videos. I say lost as they have disappeared and although it says “deleted by owner” I didn’t delete them and doubt my account was hacked. In Google’s rapid response and easy contact system I am still awaiting a response that no doubt will never come as its web based  users simply aren’t important (well except we earn their revenue). But at the same time things will be changing as I will have to look to put the videos onto my own server instead. Real pain because of the extra bandwidth issues but also the fact  I am not sure what happened to the other videos.

They didn’t have anything that breached YouTube or Google’s terms and conditions and just appear to have completely vanished without a trace. Maybe my account is hacked but at the same time would be nice to know as well as the thought there are some real freaks out in the internet there who seem to think this sort of stuff is acceptable. Wonder if they would feel the same if their benefit cheque got cut off?

Anyway just to let you know if you come across videos that aren’t working they are gone and due to the lack of interest and assistance from YouTube and Google (Google own YouTube) I doubt I can recover most of them so a big fat thank you for their help in this.