you know who your friends are…

Although the last month has begun a lot at home in Cebu. You truly find out who your friends are and who you can trust when away from home. Not all is negative in fact there are more positives going on than the things that went wrong. One thing I realised before even visiting the Philippines for the first time is things aren’t going to be easy. Life is difficult in most part of the world when it comes to business and getting a break is very hard. You find out who your real friends and family are and sometimes you need to draw a line in the sand and call it a day. Where your responsibilities end and business takes its place.
But everything seems to be going well with the Piggery although its being held up a little with the current bad weather in the Philippines with Typhoons and heavy rainfall. But will be finished soon. I couldn’t say a bad thing about April’s parents they have been great and done a lot for us in my absence. Overseeing ongoing projects and helping out. A real blessing.
The next phase is soon to begin although was hoping it was going to be another 3 months before we even began it, to allow the funds to grow. But due to issues within the family we have decided to push forward and the house will start as soon as the weather changes and is good enough for us to start. Hoping to have it livable within 3 months. But will have to see what we can get done. As im trying to upgrade the concrete in the base and blocks to more that would be compliant within Europe.