You can’t change the Philippines but you can change your standards.

Matt-Wilkie-at-Cyma-Restaurant-Ayala-terracesCebuPhilippines-2013-12-28-Photo-Copyright-of-Matt.jpg I am guilty like many other expats of grumbling at some of the fundamental problems in the Philippines but the longer your there the longer your realise things aren’t going to change.

My recent grumblings of Manila airport won’t change how the government opens and closes its doors and PAL won’t change its meal service. Fact is they are well aware of how things are and are not going to look to change things.

The same goes for pretty much everything, reality is if your not happy lower your standards became a recent joke. But for a peaceful life its the best solution to all the problems. Things will be the same way they are for some time to come.

My wife mentioned long ago about the fact of not expecting anything to happen and I think that hits the nail on the head. Not relying on anything as its very likely to not happen unless your happy to constantly complain about shortcomings.

Why would I give up on hassling failed services? Reality of it is I have better things to do and that people are happy to waste some else’s time. To the point April has a friend who actually does queuing for other people as a small business. Sounds like a joke but even for virtual assistants its a task people are undertaking for others. Bad internet service, changing power provider etc. etc. virtual assistants around the globe do this as a daily task. For me its often easier to do without or find a working solution than expect a repair or something to be undertaken to change things.

For an easy life in the Philippines expect it, but more importantly learn to adapt to it and find solutions instead of letting it irritate you.