Wowowee heading for retirement and replaced by back to back shows with Kris Aquino and Robin Padilla.

ItKris Aquino came as no surprise to me that Kris Aquino even with all her marital woes would still be pushing forward on her career. Showing that although playing to the media and audience there were already options in the background that were no doubt being looked over at the same time. Shows will change drastically by September of 2010 in a shake up no doubt tied with the issues Wowowee has been having to deal with after an outburst from its main host Willie Revillame which resulted in him sitting on the shelf in protest regarding another celebrity from the same network. Creating a stale mate which is no doubt part of the cause of what is going on at ABS-CBN.Umagang Kay Ganda is still expected to open the ABS-CBN morning juggernaut. No word about changes in the show’s host composition and news-feature format.

Its alleged Showtime will retain its one and half our programming. Although personally I think they need to shake it up a bit as there is way too much dance groups that all look the same something Vice Ganda has also openly said during the show.

The major change will be the 12.00 noontime slot which is reported as being Kris Aquino’s new game show. Kris who left “The Buzz” and SNN had announced that she was looking for new shows and open to the ABS-CBN network if something become available. Who is to say it wasn’t already a done deal? Show business is all about the “SHOW” and the reports of this happening in such a short period of time does make me wonder if the new show was already pre-arranged ahead of Kris departing from “The Buzz”.robin padilla

Robin Padilla will also be returning to daytime tv programming in his very own show. These new shows will no doubt see the end of Wowowee unless it moves to a new time slot. If this is the end of Wowowee will it be the end of Willie Revillame’s career as well? After five and a half years there is still a question mark over if he has been suspended, relieved, fired or on long term vacation. These new changes will no doubt ask even more questions. His contract still has one and a half years to run so it will be interesting to see what happens if he moves to another slot or simply left in the dark to let his contract run its term without a show.

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  1. davidrke
    July 10, 2010 at 9:14 am

    Kris is never going to let her career play second fiddle to anything or anyone.