Would Stopping Aid To The Philippines Help Fix The Country?

Jobless men keep going

I am a strong believer in AID does more damage than good at the same point I am also anti big government. In reality since the decline of wars in the West we have seen an increase in the size of governments and their costs yet little to show for it. In the Philippines like many other countries there is an excess of NGO’s and other foreign organisations operating here and reading up on U.N. documents you find that the biggest problem that goes with it all is “Corruption” not just here but in other countries. So is Aid helping? Personally anything that creates a stagnant society is not helping anyone, feeding programs are supposed to be short term for things like crop failures at the same time evaluating why the government of the country didn’t prepare itself properly. Aid grants and loans if there is a history of misuse and corruption should simply end completely.

Why though? because the issues always turn back to responsibility and often bad government. Keeping the people “happy” which isn’t about new BMW’s and a beautiful house in many cases, its food and a roof over their head and pretty much anything else is a bonus. A constant supply of cash is needed and resources to keep these situations afloat and more importantly it keeps corruption alive and bad politicians in power. At any time in history before bad governments ended with bloody uprisings that changed the way the governments looked at its population in the same way India when we had the rice crisis stopped exports as its aware that no food for the people means a good chance of rebellions. Today though how many countries have been stopped from rebellion because of stagnant Aid operations? Why is it Marcos got loans in excessive of the nuclear power plant in the Philippines yet it still never got completed? Why is it the World bank and IMF like to play god in other peoples backyards?

One reason alone control, there is nothing that says democracy works and in fact in recent years more people have woken up to the fact corporations are buying politicians to get whatever they want. IMF and World Bank loans with political conditions attached should be illegal internationally as it shouldn’t be allowed to manipulate countries to suit. Free markets were encouraged in Haiti yet we can see Haiti relying on aid today. Farmers aren’t getting investment yet their rice is double the price of imported American rice due to Free trade how did this help the country? In fact how does this help as an Aid project as companies sell their rice for profit in Haiti while taxpayers of other countries pay for aid? Because a lot of the so called Aid is for stability or for cutting financial and resource deals rather than actually as its shown “helping people” its helping the rich of two nations work together to exploit both countries to the benefit of themselves. Exporting oil for example in exchange for fixed pricing and Aid. If Aid is questioned there seems to be things dug up one sided in the media all the time showing that a politician is bad for refusing it but nobody ever mentions “conditions”.

One of the most shocking things I find in the Philippines is the Prolife movement from America interfering in Filipino society as simply its none of their business! They have plenty of capital and interfere in sexual education that is done locally. But more importantly it doesn’t help the country in anyway. They shouldn’t be here and simply neither should most other organisations as the Philippines needs to sort its own mess out. Same as many other countries, removing assistance which in real terms often means assistance for the rich to stay sat in office could force real change for the better.

In the UK with its current economic situation I would look to cut off all Aid outside of the country unless its actually beneficial to the nation (not companies! Physically to the treasury of the United Kingdom). We can see the affects both here and in the Philippines of hand out nations. In the Philippines its the family members sat around waiting for remittances neither working or doing anything productive. In the UK its the unemployed benefit class that affect every tax payer without choice.

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  1. September 21, 2011 at 8:29 am

    What happens to the aid? This is always the most interesting question. Then, you have the situation where a country pledges aid and the full sum never arrives. There is a growing number of philanthrophy initiatives and this may be a better model for delivering aid where it is needed.

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      September 21, 2011 at 9:25 am

      Philanthrophy is only good if its done properly, I was recently reading about a guy who opened schools in Afghanistan and received millions in donations. He seemed to use most of the funds to sponser his book tours and the schools that did finish (very few did) were often not used or in locations that were no use to the local population. Although I did see a doctor in Africa that had returned after being abroad, he started a clinic with true transparency where all expenses the clinic had are posted on a monthly noticeboard as well as the fact anything that is received is published. The clinic was originally for victims of attacks during elections (limbs hacked off) but because of its success in the community its being utilized for many other uses than it was designed for.