Working Online In The Philippines

Lately I have been experimenting with working online not only for myself but helping others with they’re websites/blogs. I invested in some good software some time back that assesses sites to see where the holes are in the system and then it automatically creates a review so you can see exactly what is wrong with your site, right with your competition and where you need to fill in the gaps. Companies charge a small fortune for running this software that set me back around $600 before. Which is why I have been doing it for free for people, why free? Because they have already been overcharged by companies and its more a case of educating people that they have been overcharged and that a company has literally taken money for nothing that will lead to terminations of contracts as these are business sites that are doing badly online due to poor quality SEO and web design. As a company there should be some client feedback I agree as one of the biggest problems is that most business people still don’t understand the needs of the internet to understand they’re business as well as how to get it to be written in a way that works for both search engines and customers. Companies are still exploiting that and have been since the internet bubble.

If your interested in having your website analysed I will do the first 10 free after that $12 each simply because I haven’t been able to work for the last few days because I have been getting heavily involved in other peoples sites as some were so bad they were completely missing of any SEO or descriptions which for some although online for a few years they still didn’t have any search engine terms in a search engine. So putting that right as they had contracts still in operation was time consuming yet a step that needed to be taken.

On top of that I have just about finished BloggingDirectory.Org so if you want to list your blog for FREE (yes FREE) your welcome to do so and you can also submit articles which in reality is less than 5,000 words explaining whatever your blog is doing and putting a link back on that as well. I would say use this wisely and ASAP as I will start to heavily populate the directory in the next few weeks which means getting in first with articles they are going to be given priority positions same as the first 100 blogs will get a premium listing for 6 months. What does that mean for you? well I currently have a population of 160,000 blogs that will be going into the directory from me personally which means your listing will be at the top of the blog lists as premium ones for 6 months so in your niche you will get a priority listing as well as on the main page. Add in the article your listed on that as well all good traffic for your blog. What do I get out of it in return? I am hoping to show how useful submitting articles are to other sites for the benefit of yours and mine. For example 100 articles about various things improve BloggingDirectory.Org ‘s search engine terms. This in turn improves the links produced back to your site as PageRank should start moving as well, improved PageRank and search engine traffic on the directory also means an increase in traffic that goes to your site. Its a Win Win scenario.

Why haven’t I been out and about? Well I made an extra P50,000 this month but its all sat in the internet! Won’t reach me for another 5 days as well as the fact we have had rain and rain with a mix of rain. Big problem at the moment is finding a waterproof backpack, most seem showerproof but because of it going to be used on a motorcycle with camera equipment in it got to be fully protective. currently come across a few nice ones but they do seem more like a Chinese copy of North Face than actually North Face which is the main issue as I need it to be waterproof not pretend to be. On top of that we will be grabbing a few other items this month (now its the 1st) such as the Piso-Piso machines that I am going to strip down and show how to build. Won’t be giving that info for free simply because I have had to pay for the machine myself to do this as well as needing to do a cutting list designed round the materials to minimise wastage (including a sketch). Finally adding the lengths of wiring and where to get and how to install the electronics that make the machine work. Hopefully the Jeepy will also go this month as I have had 3 people enquire in the last week. It may be putting people off that the battery is faulty and the P5,000 registration fees but that’s why its P35,000! Will get a new battery and do the registration myself this week if there are no takers but the price will be going back up to P45,000 by Saturday if I have to sort these bits out as I’m not running a charity, people are welcome to search round and see how much a Jeepy costs.