Working Online From Home In The Philippines Advice

When looking online for work or for a part time income especially if your looking for it to keep you afloat when living in the Philippines be aware there are as many opportunities out there as there are scammers. The main thing to take on board is that if it seems too good to be true its pretty much guaranteed to be a scam. But besides that lets start with some things we know do work and may keep you out of being parted from your cash.

Start with getting advice and recommendations from people you know already doing it.

For a start this is unlikely to be the guy selling you an e-book you have never met in person but may be someone’s blog you have been reading about for months or someone in your town. Either way good advice is normally free especially as a beginner, I have yet to come across anyone legitimate that won’t offer up some free advice initially and if your happy with that then maybe offer a price for help. Reason being if they give the advice for free they are already sure it works and often they were in the same boat and happy to help a fellow online worker. Its also worth noting any companies they recommend how long they have worked for them and how good customer services were and if any training is available.

Don’t jump in but do research first

There are plenty of opportunities out there but how do you separate scams from the real deal? one of the things I found years ago is knowledge is power. Researching the type of work you want to do and the industry for companies that offer home working are paramount to getting the right type of business to suit you. It also means when asking questions they are informed something a lot of the e-book sellers and scammers won’t be able to answer easily and often can’t.

Google scam tracking websites

Sites like keep records of bad sites and scams checking the companies your looking at against the information that has been posted on the site will let you know if they are in good stead or something to be avoided.

Common sense is often under utilized

May sound a bit extreme but its true many people hear good chatter about how people are making money and how easy it was without realising the “chatter” is all coming from people associated with the scam. In reality working from home is a good way to make an income but its not going to make you a millionaire, anything that wants money up front isn’t going to deliver and more importantly if it feels your being scammed your probably about to be so better off stepping back and not parting with money.

Another important factor if buying into a policy is what is the return policy?

Always ask these questions up front as anything of value should give you some “try before you buy” unless they know they’re setup is so good they aren’t short of people taking up the offer. At the same time a genuine company would explain everything in detail upon request.

For progress business will always take time.

Remember many things especially on the web are based on trust and developing. You will hear people say things are a scam because they tried and failed at it. But upon researching things fully you get a bigger picture like the didn’t bother learning the techniques or take onboard the training required to get it to work. Same as anything website related if things get missed or ignored it simply won’t do well.

Put the effort in and reap the rewards, don’t give up, but more importantly don’t put all your eggs in the same basket.