Working From Home In The Philippines


Working from home in the Philippines has recently been a bit of a battle. Now I need around 4 hours a day minimum to get on with my daily stuff but currently I am also learning some new coding as well as starting to delve into Template development to start a new site off doing templates for free as well as selling premium ones. Big issue being is “noise!” generally I can work through a bit of noise in the afternoon or the morning but recently its continuous. Kids coming and playing pool (billiards) on the table above the apartment which wouldn’t be so bad except they constantly drop the balls which vibrate through the concrete ceiling. Then adding to that 2 dogs have appeared outside that seem to spend most of they’re time whining or barking. Heading over to the other house also doesn’t reap many rewards as everything is rented out currently so I’m working out of a space near the kitchen at which point an ambush of noise comes from the kids on a constant barrage.. not including the ability a lot of people have to talk to a person on the next mountain even if they are stood next to them.

I know it sounds a bit grumpy but I am quite happy in near silence and generally used to working in the UK in quiet areas most of my working life. Even in a boiler room or pump/motor house its workable because its a constant sound. But lately my concentration is becoming overly strained and the question then is how do you find a space with no sound? I don’t mind a bit of music and even tried the headphones still no joy as there is still a lot going on including people wanting you for various things. I can see why writers have a retreat in the middle of nowhere..