Wooing your girlfriend doesn’t mean making yourself bankrupt!

Its something that keeps reoccuring but many people don’t seem to notice it or ignoring it either way its damaging. Basically what normally happens is from the first meeting in the Philippines lets an open wallet set a pace. Your in holiday mode she’s in foreigners are really rich mode, sooner or later things come to a head but often too far down the line and if she isn’t happy with the “real deal” she may disappear and your best intention money was wasted which leads to the fact you can’t buy love so why try?

Why are you in restaurants every day and living in resorts as well as travelling around everywhere showing your new partner a life she will be expecting in many cases as being normal because she doesn’t know the difference to your holiday to your real life because she hasn’t seen it. Often peoples idea of a holiday is an afternoon in a resort with school friends rather than entire weeks away involving diving, yachting, jet setting the islands. You can see why their life suddenly changes overnight but also often does her ego. Regularly you will come across people who don’t like the fact others are doing better than them or issues where people want to hold others back its called crab mentality for a reason. At the same time your new found love is spreading it all over the internet of the lifestyle she now has to humiliate people she doesn’t like and to boast to her friends. When the party is over though the friends and people will be waiting to have a jab at her for falling so fast and maybe by that time you’ve had enough and left.

Reality though is you don’t have to be a big spender to enjoy the visit to the Philippines if your here just to tour then tour! you don’t need to get a woman tagging along (same goes for girls with guys) having an extra person just means extra costs and your here to enjoy yourself. On the other hand if your here for a relationship treat it more like your visiting a brother, a sister or another relative where you mainly eat around where your relative lives as well as do most things in that area. You have nothing to prove and shouldn’t be pushed into anything you don’t want to.

If things do develop and a wedding comes along be aware this is the time many relatives see dollars in the eyes as they offer every service possible to skim off the top. You being a foreigner don’t get discount you get smiles and extra charges “because you can afford it” at least in their eyes in most cases. Even the caterers who could be family will charge you extra and on top of that will also add their own food to the table to eat at your expense sort of grabbing at both ends. If you don’t think this will happen to you or hasn’t all I would say is take several caterers (we take 3) and get them to quote your love of your life can quote ahead before she even knows what your doing so you can then compare the pricing to see for yourself. Best way to avoid it all is to go with a wedding package from a resort, not always the cheapest but at least you’ve kept a lot of people out of your cash flow and its a fixed charge for the whole wedding instead of costs keep going up and being added until the final day.

Your partner may love you but will often bow to peer pressure and also look on as “helping the family” as an excuse for exploiting you for cash. There is no excuse and there is no way I would accept it from anyone even telling me the sob story as simply letting people do it encourages others. Be strict and keep control of your own cash, once married also cover your bases as you will be surprised who will come out of the woodwork asking your wife for loans or a “great business deal” which normally ends in money loss.

Now not everyone is like it and I will say that you should just be switched on for things going wrong and look for signs, same as removing opportunity stops things happening.