Woodworking in the Philippines

stanley wood planeRecently I started getting back into woodworking here in Cebu, Philippines as it made sense on many levels. The first one being is getting away from things when I need to as more often than not you get headaches for things that wouldn’t even arise in the West. So having the ability to say what is needed and go off and do some woodworking is a bit of a saviour as it saves things boiling over to get the job done. Another reason being I was a carpenter and joiner for many years in the UK originally starting as a cabinet maker and working through many parts of the industry from furniture making to flat pack houses and exhibition contracting. Woodworking offered a lot of opportunity for work in the UK yet a big problem persisted in that most things are machined and quick build, here today though I have time on my side and came across a store that isn’t so cheap but it does offer genuine equipment to suit my needs. The other factor in this was that good wood is readily available here and at the same time most of the things I come across are either low grade construction or high end for export leaving most of the middle market (however small it is) stuck with buying junk from Japan,Korea and China. The problem with this though is much of it is surplus second hand and most isn’t wood its laminate rubbish. So now that time is starting to get on my side I am starting to look at making things I want to build then just advertise them for sale as most of the fun is in making the items if sold it funds more projects and a bit of profit for the pocket. Primarily though its because I want to build things as I came from a trade background which is why people ask things like why was I tiling a floor at 3am or people talking to my wife’s relatives in amazement that I actually do things rather than sit and drink San Mig all day. In reality I couldn’t do the “retired thing” even if I was 70 purely because it serves no purpose to me its an admittance that society no longer needs you when there is plenty always needing done even if its not for financial gain.

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  1. dave
    February 26, 2011 at 6:26 pm

    my thought’s exactly. sitting around and drinking is a waste of time. evevn if it’s done out of bordum. an now i’m not workingand am bord. hehe . its a matter of being. i’m not building a boat becauce im cheap. i’m building it because i know i can do better then a factory. (will it last more then 20 year’s??) most likely not. but i enjoyed it. now i’m considering building funiture. because i like to do stuff with my hand’s. trust me i’m not better than ikea. i cant build screw to gether funiture like them. but i think in the end you’r child and mine will cherish what we did as a hobby.

  2. August 31, 2011 at 8:42 am

    Hi. just stumbled upon this website and was happy reading this. Glad that you’re here in the Philippines and you’r still into woodworking. There is a local site for Filipino woodworkers and you might want to check out. its http://www.pinoyhandyman.com , we share a lot of things there about woodworking. PLease drop by.