Wonder Girls – Philippines Music sensation





Wonder girls are the latest band sensation in the Philippines which although not my taste of music does seem fairly catchy and seems to be setting a trend.

From cell mates to drag queens, the Wonder Girls have been covered by just about every kind of person imaginable on the planet. And with the Korean wave in full swing in the Philippines, no one is safe from the addictive charms of the girls.
The SOP Beautiful Girls of the Philippines have recently done a cover of the Wonder Girls English version of "Nobody" with one too many girls, and this time they got the lyrics correct. Prior to this performance, another group of girls performed the song, but with fan-made lyrics. But those are just pesky little details. The big picture to keep in mind here is that the girls are getting exposure world-wide and people seem to love it.
In addition to getting exposure constantly on national television in the Philippines, the girls are also rocking the #10 and #12 spots on the the MYX Hit and International song charts in the Philippines.

And just for kicks, here are some more live performances from Filipinos to refresh your memories.


more Wiki info on the Korean group :- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wonder_Girls