With Retirement comes responsibility.

This is a subject that isnt as popular as it should be, but the fact is a lot of “Retirees” head to the Philippines and other parts of the world get married or get a girlfriend and eventually die of old age with a smile on theyre face for some of the best years of theyre life. But what happens to the wife/girlfriend that stopped with you for maybe as long as 20 years? Those of us better setup will have a family home that becomes the sole ownership of the wifes. But others rent because its so cheap, reinvesting your cash brings better returns than sitting in concrete and mortar. So whats the best options to take care of the loved one when your gone and your pension cheques stop? As many of you will say that its not your responsibility to take care of the woman after you die you did the whole time you were alive. Well if youve ever fell below your standard of living from either losing a job or worse you realise its a lot harder coming down than  it was going up. The way ive approached this problem is that there are business opportunities in the Philippines that take only small investments (yes i know your cheque doesnt stretch as far as you would like!) but you would be better helping your wife develop a small business that is sustainable and likely to progress. Lets face it if shes living with you she isnt exactly going to need the extra income.. which is a prime way to get the business to grow into something bigger as taking money out of it shouldnt really need to happen and you should promote that fact to your “life” partner as this will be her nest egg to develop her own business, aswell as being able to say i done this “myself” because lets face it a millionaire isnt really a millionaire if they inherited it right? This is the way ive always looked at things. So a small business where your wife is building it up herself ok youve invested a little to get it going but you shouldnt need to keep investing unless it growth is huge. What business to choose is not for me to say as each individual have different experiences, knowledge, capabilities and local markets. Point is just getting your wife working towards one of them. So when the time does come that your no longer around she will survive and you can rest easy in your bed knowing she will be taken care of for the future.