With 2011 now begun where is Matt?

Relaxing after foodThe end of 2010 was a celebration here although we were blessed with the new arrival of Wilhelm and the fact I had managed to be home for the whole of 2010 its the same year the entire world went into recession and life has been pretty bloody hard for the entire year. For me personally its a business thing when that clock struck 12.00 as it meant the end of a rough ride and the clean slate of 2011 and if you have been monitoring everything else I have been up to its going off to a flying start.

New Year dinner

The food was a treat as always and a big thank you to the chef on the evening.. (April my wife..) everyone seemed to have enjoyed the evening and with the fireworks heading off in multiple directions was time to just relax and prepare for 2011. Ideas and concepts have been flowing for a long time but often hindered with the slow pace of life in Cebu but its a new year, new dawn and the beginning of getting things moving again.