Wired Two Routers Together For Larger Wi-Fi Connections

wifi sketch for two routers

Finally sorted out Smart Bro and the two router system setup. We are actually using the one internet connection for 6 buildings and 9 computers due to the different times people use computers nobody overloads the connection (also I set a timer on the routers to shutdown everyone between 11pm and 5am to allow me to do blogging without disruption).

What I did discover though initially we had the Smart Bro problems which are now resolved but the joke being I added the second router on a 100m cable to find that the connection was going on and off every 5 minutes and as this was similar to what Smart Bro was doing before I assumed it was them initially until I remembered the router settings.

Both routers were on different connections before and too far away to interfere with each other so they both had the same settings, problem is now they are joined by the 100m cable they kept resetting each other which was the reason behind the problems I was getting with Smart Bro going on and off simply the routers were confusing each other. Have been running the system the last two days and although I find around 6pm I can’t upload to the blog due to everyone being online after dinner its pretty much a stable and quick system for browsing.

Why am I giving away free internet? First thing is Albert from France is back and last year he was our neighbour so he tapped into our connection and as he lives here seasonally its not worth his while taking on an internet connection. Secondly I don’t need the connection 24/7 and quite happy to let other people use it as long as they don’t abuse it. Downloads aren’t allowed for things like UTorrent the whole purpose of the sharing is that it gives access its not a multimedia download centre for everyone.

All in all though pretty impressed on how the routers didn’t need too much configuring and the fact once I sorted out the IP addresses they are happy to work on their own without my involvement.