Winged Fragments – Band from Cebu, Philippines

Band Bio:

The band started in 2008. The lead vocalist, Noel “Lee Wing” Salapang was desperate to find band mates who would commit themselves to working on his music. He started writing songs since 1998 and he was struggling to find people to work with him on his music and make an album. As he was roaming around SM Cebu, he met a guy named Neil, whom he knew a little and told him that he knows someone who plays bass guitar. As they continued talking, a guy with a long curly hair suddenly passed by. And Neil said, that’s the guy I was talking about. He called him and introduced them to each other. So, from then on, Lee Wing and Ronie Bayabos, the bass player of the band Agipo, one of the popular bisrock bands in Cebu, started talking about music and how they’re going to start a band. After that, Ronie introduced Lee Wing to some of his band mates in Agipo and they agreed to form a band. Rafael Dennis Moga on drums, Ian Carungay on rhythm guitar, and Jonathan on lead guitar. But after a little while the lead guitarist quit and the band lacked one member. Ronie said that he has a college friend named Jesoi Narciso. So, they got him into an audition. After seeing his guitar ability, they hired him as an official member. From then on, they started arranging their music. After a few rehearsals, they went to a recording studio. They already have recorded two songs for their upcoming album called Fragments. And Sydney is one of those songs they have recorded. The band is still working on the rest of the songs. And they hope to finish the whole album in early 2010. The band’s original name was Fragments. Noel “Lee Wing” Salapang named the band after it, because it’s one of his favourite words. And he also stated that, the word fragments also relates to a person’s life on earth. Our life’s experiences, bad or good, create something that would make us a better person. We are the existing part of something unfinished. All our experiences are part of God’s masterpiece that is yet to be done. So, as long as we live, God’s plan for us continues. Anyone among the living has hope. Later on, the band name was changed into Winged Fragments after Noel “Lee Wing” Salapang has seen the movie winged creatures. Starring Dakota Fanning. He thought that the movie title was so cool. So, he took out the first word of the movie title and added it to the word fragments. So, the band name became Winged fragments. The band still continues to arrange their songs.
BAND MEMBERS: Noel “Lee Wing” Salapang: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Birth Place: Camiguin Island
Musical Influences: The Beatles, Oasis, Jon Bon Jovi, U2, Rob Thomas, Reo Speedwagon, Duran Duran, Nick Drake, Graham Nash, Jars Of Clay, Etc.
Ronie Bayabos: Bass Guitar
Birth Place: Cebu
(Electrical Engineering graduate-University of the Visayas)
Musical Influences: Siakol, Grin department, E-Heads, Mighty Mighty Bostons, Supertones, Etc.
Robert Ian Carungay: Rhythm Guitar/Lead Guitar
Birth Place: Cebu
Musical Influences: The dawn, Kamikazee, The Calling, U2, Queen, Billy Joel, Toto, Silverchair, Sting, and Genesis.
( University of San Jose Recoletos student)
Dennis Raphael Moga:Drums
Birth Place: Cebu
Musical Influences: Punk, ska, R&B, Jazz, Metal, Samba. Etc.
Electronics and Communications Engineering student at UC)
Jesse Narciso: Lead Guitar/Rhythm Guitar
Birth Place: Cebu
Mechanical Engineering graduate-University of the Visayas
Musical influences: The Beatles, Eric Clapton, and blues bands.
Converged from totally different zones. Music brought them together.