Why Would An OFW Commit Suicide?

Today seen the murder in Talisay where a man killed nearly all his family before killing himself. It took me back to a discussion about Indians going back to India after working abroad as the topic overlapped due to Asian culture. Because often there are suicides when people stop working abroad but like most cultures nobody really wants to discuss why people kill themselves or here in the Philippines even admit it due to the country being Catholic that could affect burial rights.

But this is where me and my friend Nimesh were discussing Asian families and often family mentality. For example 2 brothers where the one got a good job abroad and the other stayed back in the Philippines just making ends meet. The OFW brother gets married but may not even have children due to his time abroad. His brother in the Philippines though gets married and has a fairly large family, for many the burden of helping out the brother in the Philippines would be a problem but often its not because the thing is the OFW brother may develop a thing for the control over his poorer brother and his reliance on him for help. He arrives back in the Philippines and everyone is welcoming every time he is home as they gather for gifts and celebrate his arrival.

But what happens if he got sick or something else that stopped him going abroad, maybe he just retired and moved back to the Philippines full-time. His wonderful wife he only seen several months of the year if he was lucky seems to have a boyfriend that the neighbours are chatting about discretely. Nobody is there to greet you and treat you like a VIP when your in the Philippines because like everyone else your there full-time and everyone is the same. The poorer brother does have a regular job and although wasn’t as rich as his OFW brother while he was abroad he is now the wealthier of the two and maybe its now the OFW brother that may need help from time to time.

In reality many people can’t handle going back to the old life, you talk to most Filipino’s they talk about leaving the Philippines to work abroad at the same time when abroad they talk about retiring in the Philippines eventually but often don’t. The OFWs sacrifices abroad are often offset by what they have helped or done back home at the same time its often these things that pick up the OFW in their life. The relatives talking about how they have an uncle,cousin,aunt,sister etc working abroad as an engineer. When something takes all this away from you the fall down the ladder can be great. The spare money to buy that SUV that you always wanted you wish you had never bought because your now selling it for less than you paid for it to cover school fees. I think many people need more support when they come back to Filipino life from working abroad in the same way I have the travel bug and would find it impossible to stay in one town my entire life.