Why will we succeed in the Philippines while so many others fail?


Its a very question but one I can answer quite easily. I left school not sure what I wanted to do so dropped into electronics and had some hard times as I worked my way through. I used to work in a local nightclub at the time aswell as a full-time job and my studies were in the evenings. From a child I come from a family that I have never heard the word “love” or been praised for anything I have done. Infact if anything quick to put me down when I ever started anything. Over the years I have studied many things and had many interesting jobs and tried my hand at a few businesses. One thing I have always realised though is people have always been waiting for me to fail. Friends, family and people I have been associated with, very few have ever even said good luck or hope it all works out for you. But where are they now? I’m not bitter over things but its a drive in ambition as I cannot fail as I point blankly refuse to. I’ve worked night and day in the past and expect to do it in the future. I have carried out contracts for my employers previously and presently and will organise, re-organise and make things run smoother and faster simply because I wont be the one to let things fail and when I do leave things or more efficient than they have ever been. I went back to a company a few years ago I once worked at making doors alongside a friend of mine. We worked 13hrs a day 6 days a week and got paid a good salary but it was heavy, fast and repetitive work. My friend left shortly after I did after I decided to head off to the exhibition trade as the salary was higher and work more interesting. On my return I found that they had replaced the two of us who done everything by hand or with hand routers had been replaced by 5 people and a CNC machine and they still couldn’t output what we used to. I look at people these days who are looking for the next job and no interest in what they are doing but if you don’t set the high standard who will? Failure is something I have never accepted in life simply because I adjust and adapt. I have had work where it wouldn’t be profitable to pay someone but instead I have worked night and day and still made a profit. Although long-term not a great idea but short term I made a profit and then sold it on. Its always about driving forward with everything and knowing that those who laughed sitting joking at your expense waiting for you to fail all fall silent in your success.

But there is something else people need to realise is there is no I in we and me my wife April and our family work as a team to better all our lives. I’m not some fat guy expecting to pay a minimum wage and expect results. I work on a partnership that is developing over time. avatarAlthough I have talked about many ventures even the piggery many say “don’t do it it will fail” it still made a profit. Just one I don’t find acceptable for the work involved for my in-laws. What has happened over the last two years is the bond of friendship,trust and family which makes all ventures stronger and more profitable as we start to understand each others strengths and weaknesses. The statement “Together We Stand Divided We Fall” rings very true in Filipino culture as a single persons success is pretty impossible as the combination of things to get something done easily relies heavily on networks of friends and associates. But also the fact that the most important thing is family. I have always looked at life in the way if your home life is bad it leaks into your work life then corrupts that and you end up in a cycle of unhappiness and everything suffers. I have a wonderful wife who is great on things I am not and I blend with things she doesn’t like to do or has little knowledge in. Allowing a combination of ideas to spiral and create a better life for us all. Many people say I have but I base things on “We” when I’m abroad I have no issues with my in-laws using the vehicles or any  other equipment for either business for themselves or general use because they are ours.

The reason I brought that up is simple. I hear so many people saying keep away from your wives families giving advice to others. Truth is its all based on people not stereotyping not every family is the same and not all families have a rotten apple amongst the bunch. I had one bad experience but we wouldn’t be where we are now without the continuing help from Mom and Pap’s. In return we help them with other things as building a community is key to happiness.. Living in a sub-division driving to the malls each day and back is an existence not a life. The Philippines is a raw society full of business opportunities to be built and over time I will share them with you the ones we get involved in.

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  1. tom
    July 29, 2009 at 3:45 am

    I will say that also depends on the family. Your wifes family with a few exceptions seems quite interested in helping but I have known others who were not blessed with a helpful family. They wanted whatever they could take and had no interest in actual work. That type of family is quite stressful to deal with.

  2. TropicalPenpals
    July 29, 2009 at 5:13 am

    your right Tom makes a big difference but at our first meetings we made it very clear we would help but I would never be a charity. If people wanted to work for it they get a cut of the business, if they dont they dont get a peso of investment. The ventures we are involved in all make profit and slowly getting bigger. There are 3 ventures I was going to invest in but with the issues that came about I abandoned them swiftly. Those were ones that would have made a real difference to the whole family as expanding an existing Sari-Sari may not seem big money but that isnt the idea, the main thing is recovering my costs on such a versatile venture and the profits reinvested to allow growth of the business. But that was one of the businesses where people wanted to control it all etc.. so just stopped it dead.

    Aprils parents are great we are neighbours and help each other. Like this week I have a washing machine going in hopefully Friday there is no them and us we share it same as most of our other stuff because it works for both of us. I have the capital and they had the time when we first started the ventures but now getting close to full-time working. So we work as a team.

  3. TropicalPenpals
    July 29, 2009 at 5:15 am

    Working as a team I mean that Aprils parents will get rewards same as I do along the way and will be part of the bigger picture. Im hoping to get the business up from where it is at the moment to a few million pesos by next year. Basically making us and my wifes parents RP millionaires.. 😉 A lot going on and hopefully will just keep getting bigger. Hey when you back we havent met up yet?

  4. Tom
    July 30, 2009 at 8:25 pm

    Are you accepting aplications? 😀 😎