Why use a money belt in the Philippines?

When I first arrived I couldn’t see the point but after nearly three years you hear of things going wrong for other people. For example Jeepney’s where sometimes passengers will squeeze up tight to you at the same time picking your pockets. Or bags being slashed with Stanley blades to get to your money inside. Generally you don’t need much money for a day out in Cebu or other locations and even if you did you can find that a cheap under shirt moneybag not only keeps it safe but where it isn’t noticed. What I would recommend is separating a small amount into your pocket to pay for your routine stuff while keeping the money belt out of sight and out of mind. Then if anything does go wrong you haven’t got a lot of money to steal (well at least that is what they think). It’s also worth tucking your passport into the bag aswell instead of your pockets. Wasn’t really an issue before but I know of at least 4 robberies in the last 6 months that friends have experienced and 3 of them were on Jeepney’s.