Why The UK Riots Are A Reason I Live In The Philippines


For me the riots are a long time coming but they are part and parcel of the recession yet most of the rioters are probably unaware of it due to the unfolding domino affect where your neighbourhood idiot decides to go and rob a store rather than protesting for change but why?

Firstly your talking about mainly benefit class people used to living off the back of everyone else and generations of them. Problem with having generation laziness is often they breed above the levels of functional society as people who “work” don’t have the time or funding while these parasites expect to live off mine and your income. The benefit system was never setup for this and in older generations in history you will find its a shameful thing to be unemployed and even more so to be on benefits. At the same time I am not talking about those seeking work as this falls into another category but the ones who’s parents never worked and neither did the grandparents, people lacking morals or respect. Typical example of this in action was the Malaysian student robbed after his jaw was broken. These are the real scum of the UK and the numbers have been growing for decades as the baby breeders have been humping they’re way to a free council house, unemployment benefit and child support.

At the same time I can understand “real people” wanting to protest being priced out of local housing markets, seeing the tuition fees rise stealing an education from them and finding out they’re government riddled them for debt for at least 20 years and expect them to bend over and take it. I started moving out in 2007 because I could see the beginning of the end and it still stands today 5 days on and the UK government are “talking about action” not ACTION same reason offloading the bloated civil servants hasn’t happened and the S.S. UK continues to head for that big economic iceberg so far only scraping the surface.

The whole of society needs to change in the UK as it can’t all fall firmly in the hands of the government as responsible for everything. The consumerism that has riddled the whole nation with debt needs to stop. Buy British first over Chinese cheap products and a rebuilding of national pride. Many of the rioters have been black and Asian (Not Asian as in Chinese or Filipino but Pakistani etc.) same as many of these areas are so called deprived. In reality they have been left to their own devices too long and the country needs to wake up to the fact its arrogance about peoples rights are now wasted as the ability to have them for being one of the most skilled populations in the world has declined very rapidly to where we are today where the scum of the UK has pretty much ground the country to a stand still yet I also believe there is valid rioting going on none of it is being discussed or shown. Another PR win for the UK Police forces until the next time it all happens again because they have ignored the underlying issues in the UK, its youth and its economy.

I don’t agree with looting which is something I want to point out here at the same time if it was more politically motivated I would have expected government buildings burnt to the ground not family owned businesses. The deaths that have happened also disgust me as more like monkeys on a rampage than a political uprising. At the same time does rise the question why the UK is so quick to support riots in other countries and condemn it at home (although we did send arms to the middle east no doubt and got some contracts in wet ink for oil rights if they win).

I have spent years working amongst people that are so called underpriveldged which is a bizarre scenario as they are often better off than people that work in the UK. On top of that many are from other countries that have landed in the streets of gold used to real hardship but here complaining that benefits are late or trying to lie about the number of kids they have for extra child benefits. Could take the Philippines stance “if you don’t like it leave” but obviously we all know the answer to that, free house, free rent, free money who wants to leave? But can still complain as we have no jobs even though we don’t actually want to work. Incapable of putting even a draught excluder back on a front door they broke they get the council to send someone round to replace it free of charge. Cost? probably around £40 an hour for the worker when you add in the administration and his pension. You see this is why I live in the Philippines if I want to help I can, I come across people needing help all the time but can filter out the drug addicts, the drunks and the liers, in the UK its called TAX you don’t see where it goes just how much was taken. So many people grumble but very few have taken positive steps to improve their lives such as not getting into debt in the first place or at least start reducing it. Lets face it the average rioter at the moment won’t even know what they are rioting for except that new TV and an iPAD, thinking about it all I can hear is these dumb idiots talking slang thinking its cool but they end up sounding mentality defunct similar to the mocking done on Little Britain. Going to be a rapper! but too dumb to even wrap a burger at McDonalds cheers to the UK to creating such morons who think they have a “Right” to stealing and benefits without any thought of the workers, Cheers to the UK for selling out people like myself who pay our way and feel like Atlas half the time with so many people living off my back, Cheers as I live out of the country and my only concern is family back home and a hope the country wakes up and sorts itself out.

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  1. Cemlyn
    August 12, 2011 at 1:45 pm

    Well I can’t really fault any of that mate. MY daughter is a policewoman in London and they are as hand strung as anyone else. They know the people responsible, have all the proof that is needed but they know not to bother. The solicitors are lining up to defend these people on state costs, the judges have been told not to bother because the prisons are full, They demand 100% proof which is almost impossible to get. Even if a person is caught red handed actually committing a crime the claim is that the policeman is lying and the court accepts the “his word against mine” Even if there are 2 police together so that it is not a one word against the other, the solicitor will drive the point hat they were not together doing the same thing, One was looking one way while the other was doing something else. The whole legal system is set up to defend the accused.

    In 1997, I went to Leicester Royal Infirmary to install a new clinical system. I had not been in Leicester for about 10 years. As I arrived at the first ring road and roundabout from the M1 I saw a sign for City Center. I knew it was about 5 miles from there to the 2nd roundabout and I needed to take a right. That City Center sign was the last English sign I saw on the roads until I left. All the councils in the area from the small local ones to the big Borough ones are all 100% manned by the Pakistanis community. Every shop, every sign was in Arabic script or ‘worm’ as we call it. Every single sign. I stopped at the newsagent and I only knew it was one of these because it had a big red ‘The Sun’ sign outside. I asked for directions but I was made to feel instantly unwelcome. Nobody spoke to me at all just shaking their heads. When I spoke to the staff at the hospital they all had story after story of that part of town, the main drag into the main city being a ‘No Go’ area. Even the police there are Pakistani. It was a disgrace. All the schooling is done in Arabic with no English at all. I never went anywhere near the place after that. I have several friends from Bradford and other places along that M52 corridor and they all say the same thing. Complete areas total no go, total control by the Asians. I tell you mate, it is not the country I was born in and brought up in. I left in 2000 and other than visiting my family for around 3 or 4 days a year I have no intention of ever going back.

  2. Cemlyn
    August 12, 2011 at 1:45 pm

    Bloody hell mate….I don’t like my Avatar !!!! lol

  3. August 12, 2011 at 2:44 pm

    Lol.. they are randomly generated will have a look for something a bit more interesting.

  4. August 12, 2011 at 2:55 pm

    Can totally understand the feeling, I have no problem with migration or immigration but neither has happend. The communities as a whole have set themselves for isolation. Its not that I am racist I spent a lot of time in minority communities but I do find it bizarre that often there seems to be a refusal to intergrate as well as “buy from my own people first”. We are all British, the removal of Black,Asian etc. should have been done as part of integration to become British as any subgroup just alienates and normally by the people saying they are “black British” etc. I do wonder where the world is going and particularly the UK as it seems to igonre its underlying problems such as the fact many people dont read or write in English. At the same time as advertising training for people they forget to mention most are migrants to the UK as we seem to get mainly unskilled people coming from abroad rather than the educated. I prefer the points system that Australia has the same as I believe if you reached France,Italy etc. you had already entered a “safe country” and should be deported back to the original safe country if you believe your life is threatened in your home country. Is a gravy train 99% of the time looking for benefits and sitting on the backside while complaining about the UK at the same time theyre home countries are riddled with civil war and rebel groups. I lost faith in the UK government a long time ago, and the wars in the middle east its not a case I don’t support our troops its a case I do not support corrupt Western politicians manipulated by corporations and the fact that our troops shouldn’t be there. The soldiers do the best they can in a war that isn’t their making and of no benefit to them. Only people prospering seems to be companies on the back of taxpayers.

  5. August 12, 2011 at 3:00 pm

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