Why the Philippines can offer business survival to many companies in the UK with the current economic climate.

The symbol of the burdened man with the giant pen is about as close to the problem as most people in the UK business sector would need to go if already there but understanding it for most people from the outside may not be so obvious. When we think outsourcing we think telephones and call centre. But what about everything else? The tax returns, the debt chasing, invoicing, processing of court letters and keeping them up to date as no doubt the problems have grown as more people feel the strain on not being able to pay their bills. What then if you started to look at the legislation required for businesses to keep up to date with health and safety and the other issues because generally you only know about them in a small business when its too late. Operating my own businesses as well as involved with large corporations in the UK I could see the burden got worse as the companies got bigger where you start having to employ specific people with tasks that really don’t go anywhere and no benefit to the company except to make sure things are filed correctly to keep the VAT man and people like the Health and Safety Executive happy. So how much is this costing business from the small construction company owner to the large corporations and can some of it cost affectively be removed?

Now for me I can see the opportunity here for small to medium sized businesses to offload some of that paperwork as well as offer a call centre 24 hrs a day on  a smaller scale to the large corporations. There is nothing wrong with offloading this work abroad as long as its done properly. The big issue people have had over the years is it was poorly done in the past in many cases myself very frustrated with dealing with the HSBC when calls routed through India but then became aware of the fact at certain times of the day a call centre in Wales answered the phones allowing an efficent service. Generally if I am phoning the bank I need assistance with some of their services and at that time the Indian call centre wasn’t authorised to carry out the work needed which was a waste of their time and mine. But this is why having someone deal with enquiries out here in the Philippines from the UK would actually get round these problems as it can be “discussed” as and when it happens with the client instead of ignored. A business based on small scale development revolving round the small business rather than a call centre with literally hundreds of clients leaving the person at the call centre reading off a script and unaware of the real company. This small unit would primarily be looking to deal with a single company per person or a maximum of 5 depending on the types of services required so that an understanding of the business they are the extension of is carried through with their services.

On a political front these days people are complaining jobs are going abroad but its more than that in society people are complaining yet still buying imported goods forcing manufacturing jobs abroad. At the same time survival of business will be more and more reliant on the types of services that outsourcing can provide purely because the market is now geared that way. On the other side of the coin is profit or sustainability because removing telesales teams or administrators from the UK reduces your costs and when you look at the small business who only needs someone for a few hours a week even this can be catered from the Philippines where in the UK it couldn’t why? because things like the telephone still need answering even if your only paying someone for 6 hours a week which means your business is missing out on incoming calls to your business as you or your assistant isn’t there on a 24hrs basis in fact your assistant is only around 6 hours a week which at contract rates would be at least £60 a week for your assistant. But what if for £60 a week you got someone available on your phone 24/7 as well as able to respond to emails and faxes? What if on top of that you still kept the 6 hrs of paperwork they also did within the same amount?

This is why outsourcing is working abroad and a market we have decided to get involved in here in Cebu. The advantages we can bring to the table is I have worked in British industry from the small building company right up to international multi million pound contracts. The advantage you gain is that I can help develop your business online as well as the outsourcing services as most small businesses currently neglect their online business as more often than not they have entrusted it to “internet guru’s” who are nothing more than people who poke around on the internet and do very little to promote your business the biggest effort they made was collecting your cheque. Unlike us we are happily to aggressively promote your business and develop your site as well as offer add-ons such as virtual assistant giving people direct access to a live person from within your website. Your business is just as important to us as it is to you because if you expand so do we.

If your interested in anything discussed above please drop me an email at mattwilkie@TropicalPenpals.com

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