Why the health bill may change the Philippines

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I am a supporter of the health bill but not in the same way many people are, for example I don’t blame the church for all the issues in the Philippines as its simply too convenient. The fact is although the church preaches to the masses and seems to have rather nice buildings in the poorest of areas of the country they also teach the value of marriage and that sex should come afterwards. Yet we find backstreet abortions, underage mothers and infidelity an on-going problem in the nation if everyone is devote as its made out to be these things simply wouldn’t happen in reality many things just fall under excuses and the fact many people suffer with poor education on such matters.

When you have children of 13 pregnant how does the link between this happen if they were following religion? at the same time blocking health education by the church delays children being taught about STD’s and other things that would put them off sexual activities at  young age. Its difficult to say what will be acceptable in the health bill to teach to children but the introduction of condoms etc. can only help go towards reducing the risks of STD infections, unwanted pregnancies and the burden excess people have on the state. The STD infections do seem to be an issue that isn’t being tackled as well as the data gathered seems inconclusive and figures rather low which does concern me of the real figures of things like HIV and Aids if the data isn’t collected properly as there is likely to be a larger amount of cases than are currently been seen on any health surveys currently.

Do I think the health bill is the solution? I think its a splash in the ocean for overpopulation which is the main reason its being pushed through. The fact is you need to change peoples attitudes towards sex and part of that is directly linking poverty to illness and the size of families. If this is done over generations things would change as people start to be able to see smaller families are more likely to succeed in life purely because the burden of cost is reduced never mind anything else. The UK was like this not so long ago and currently children per household has increased slightly due to the recession but previously was under 2 children per house. Wasn’t so long ago though 11 children could be found in many families. A smaller population would improve everyone’s lives considerably as the burden of cost is reduced on everyone from a couple splitting its salary amongst 10 children suddenly becomes 2 and the ability to work out of poverty becomes possible. But the first thing that needs to start is people taking responsibility for their actions not blaming others or institutes for their problems.

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  1. del
    May 9, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    The uk has not had large families for decades.. 2-3 children has been the norm for more than 50 years …

    Seeing the phills as an outsider the catholic church and their attitude towards contraception is ruining the country .. Do they care about poor families unable to feed their kids? While money is going into their coffers thats the only thing which counts …

    Its funny when philippine people so proudly say ”I AM CATHOLIC ” .. when their present pope is just a celibate old fool from germany in silly hat and clothes telling them the do’s and dont’s of life…

    Try turning the clock back 500 years before the spanish arrived with christianity .. the phills would have been a totally different place …. Certainly not worse …maybe the chinese would have arrived with the ‘one child policy’ !!!