why start a blog as an Expat in the Philippines?

There are three types of blogger out there generally the first is the blogger who just wants to write about things daily to keep themselves occupied or that they enjoy writing. The next is the one writing to keep family informed of things going on in their life and finally there are the money spinner bloggers.

I find I often end up in all 3 categories the money side of thing came about because of people saying “you can’t make money off a blog” which then drove me to read up and experiment with SEO getting it to work. For a single guy or girl (probably make more as a girl as there is little female input out there!) they could live easily on the income from blogging especially if traveling around as the photos and information would keep people interested. The family stuff is self explanatory as it keeps people informed when its convenient for everyone especially with the time zone differences around the world.

But primarily I like doing writing out of choice and I think it should be the main reason for anyone doing a blog site especially if experiencing new things that are useful to others. But on top of that its an easy way to keep data safe as this year I have had 3 hard drives fail but luckily most of the photos etc. are on the internet somewhere. Its also good to flick back through the years to see what you were doing on a certain day years ago and its something me and April do from time to time. Bit of a photography album with daily information. Also from the social aspect people network up with people of similar lifestyles and interests which means if you didn’t do things in the same way by writing online you may never expand your network past the people in your own town. Blogging really has opened up the internet and social networking not only as an expat in the Philippines but in general interests. Such as this morning working on vertical gardening I start coming across projects others have done that have already been trialled most not in the Philippines but at least its a starting point for ideas and trials as well as being able to contact the people involved to ask what problems they had and how well things worked.