Why retire to the Philippines ?

It’s a question I hear often and what puzzles me is how a lot of people can’t see the benefits straight away. You will have the grumblings of the food isn’t as good, its too hot etc. But all I can say is give it time as well as plan ahead. Bread in the Philippines is generally poor quality at best, solution to the problem is bring your own bread maker and make it fresh everyday first thought no doubt going through your head is I don’t want to make it every day but your forgetting labour is cheap here you could have a neighbour or your own housekeeper do it daily for you. So getting back from the why not’s lets look at the why people come in droves here to retire.

 You have to look at the fact nearly everyone is fluent in English or even in broken English people generally know what you mean. On top of that I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t want to help you as most people are proud of being Filipino and that you are in their country visiting/retiring so generally look to make friends.

Climate is also a major factor that makes it viable to be here although recently its been too hot but cooling off at a nearby beach or resort is literally 5 minutes from the house. Its a completely laid back lifestyle that often only the rich may afford in other parts of the world.

One of the biggest factors for many guys though is the women here who are keen to hook up with a foreigner. This is something that seems to hook people into coming for a vacation holiday to moving permanent. They meet a woman that literally can turn their world upside down and they look to move here asap. Should be a caution notice at the airport warning people that there is an excessive amount of beautiful women in the Philippines seeking a husband and although there are bad stories with some relationships there are a lot more positive relationships that simply don’t go into the limelight purely because what news is “everything is great” you only hear the bad stories never the thousands of happily married couples.

Cost of living is another factor not only for the day to day but for medical needs. Generally it isn’t something I have had to use but it is something a lot of people have bought into from the U.S but who can blame them for the cost of insurance in the U.S. when you can get a live in nurse here for less than you think. If its just getting around you need getting a home help or a maid would be around P2,000 a month plus live in expenses. If your fit and healthy there are plenty of things to do especially near the cities as there are all the usual things like badminton, tennis, green bowls, bowling, football (soccer), Rugby, sailing, Airsoft, gun clubs infact the list goes on and on a lot of the sports need very little budget as hiring a court for unlimited games of tennis for example can be P100 a day per person. The place near us is on a small resort which also gives you access to bar/restaurant and pool. Speaking of resorts that is another important thing to remember I often looked at getting a swimming pool in the future but it makes more sense to use the resorts as there are plenty around and they all pretty much allow day swimming for around P100 a day per person so unless your a keen swimmer could be cheaper just to go to the resorts which for us we have 3 within 5mins of the house.

Accommodation is very cheap as well we currently rent a 2 room house which was big enough for us but now our second child is joining us soon we will have to start looking at moving to a bigger house. The biggest debate is to buy or rent as rentals are so cheap. The house we currently have costs P3,000 a month getting a 2/3 bed house is generally under P8,000 a month depending how you look. E.g. look online your swimming amongst realtor sharks but getting it locally or using someone on the ground like myself to source it you can find a big difference in most prices often at the same property.

Someone recently stated “It’s like being on holiday all the time” which is a pretty good definition of life here depending on what your doing. If your running businesses it’s business as usual just a few new perks as well as headaches. But if your fully retired and set your budget right you can be enjoying all the benefits of the Philippines including travelling around the islands as staying at resorts varies in price but around P1,000 a night which varies per room or per person same as the price as of “peak fluctuations” but generally its cheap to book into resorts hopping up the coast to see more of the Philippines and islands. The biggest problem is the more you see the more you want to move round.

Transportation wise I would recommend either getting something like a light motorcycle/scooter for “shopping etc” or sticking to public transport as the public transport system is very good in the Philippines and very cheap. If I used the jeepneys more I have no doubt I could save several thousand pesos a month but I am meeting half way and stopping to use my Jeepy so much (jeep) and going back onto scooters.

So you have beautiful women, beautiful climate, wonderful friendly people, beach living, cheap accommodation, maids, nurses, doctors, drivers on hand as well as a growing community of foreigners what are you waiting for?

Also when it comes to relocation I am willing to help where I can so dropping me a message with any questions or need touring around, sorting out accommodation in advance or generally introducing you to others I can pretty much organise most things.