Why people get kidnapped in the Philippines

I wrote this short list as I think although the Philippines government do a lot to give reliable data on kidnappings at the same time most are NOT tourist related the reasons below are the main reasons it happens here :-

  • Financially people are a target doing business here especially if high profile even indirectly. For example working for a large organization that is guaranteed to pay out for your release.
  • Your in a bad location such as parts of Mindanao where it is well known for kidnappings, lots of these islands are literally lawless due to the activities currently still going on with groups seeking an independent Muslim state. Also be aware these people are just as likely to ask for a ransom if your rich as to slit your throat if your poor.
  • Dealing with unscrupulous people, there are very many shady characters in the Philippines and if you start having dealings with them things can and do go wrong. People disappear never to be seen again.
  • Outside of government controlled areas, common thing wandering off into regions to sight see and stop in a resort somewhere a little off the beaten track but in reality your just at risk there as anywhere else. The cities are controlled by central government and heavily reduce the risk of kidnappings because of the increased security. Bit like a walled city but instead every mall, bank,hotel or even service station have armed guards.
  • Involved in politics especially anti-government has seen students disappear in the middle of the night never to be seen again. You can read up on this on the web as its probably the biggest group of people that disappear annually yet they are probably listed as “missing persons” rather than kidnapped as it makes the figures look a little less alarming.