Why not to buy a Rusi Chinese motorcycle in the Philippines

Several people have argued the toss on the fact that Chinese bikes are “improving” but with a bike just about to hit 12 months old this Rusi 125cc copy of a Japanese bike is more trouble than its worth. Yesterday I experienced riding back from Bigfoot film studio a rattling noise by the time I got to SM 20mins later the exhaust was hanging off. The cheap bolts had cut in half with an engine roaring due to a lack of exhaust it caught the attention of most areas as I sped through them to take it back to the Rusi dealership or should I say junk shop? Another day in the shop for repair, so far its got signs of rust on bolts, screws, threads and the kick stands. The engine has been retuned 3 times due to either not starting or fast idling. Its had an engine overhaul and a belt replacement. The horn has been replaced as the other one fell off and disappeared. One thing I can say about Rusi is simply don’t buy their bikes stick with Original Japanese. This bike is on month 11 and looks like a 3 year old bike, its not been mistreated in fact most of the time I use it to go to the malls nearby once a week so its under used if anything. Oh on top of that its had a new battery.

See for me its not the cost issues as its all small repairs the issue is the fact its spending as much time with a mechanic as I physically do on a road. It was bought originally to tour Cebu then start to look further afield to other islands yet I am finding it struggles to go to the next town.