Why live or retire in the Philippines?

Most other people would say its the best choice or the only choice but to be honest after you have been here a while you realise it all depends on the person and not always for the obvious reasons. There are a lot of guys in their 60s out here chasing young skirt which I won’t cover on the obvious factor of the age gap etc. as its their last innings so enjoying life while they have it. But I will cover the medical side of things and also the legalities but they aren’t just for the 60s group but pretty much everyone. The Philippines is geared towards your wallet, have kids they want to control the education system as a business not as an education system so good education and the “right” schools make a difference once the kids leave school as it opens up opportunities just by the school name and network your kids associated with. Now getting back to medical people say “medical services are cheap here” well they are for most things except if you have critical illness or something unexpected as often you will find people wipe out their entire emergency budget with a small illness. Its not just the fact of the illness but hospitals will role the costs as like education its a business and one I have seen people being advised to get bigger operations than they need purely because the hospital gets money. Prime example was someone needing some minor heart operation work where initially it was keyhole surgery but was quickly changed after his senior doctor overheard the conversation to full open surgery. Why was it suddenly changed was the first doctor wrong? nope the second one knows that there is more money in carving the guy up. Doesn’t mean all doctors are like this but it does mean that I don’t trust any of them personally I have seen it too often. What about labour for pregnancy? Well we’ve paid around P26,000 and I was out of the country at the time a Norwegian I personally know was complaining to me about having to spend over P120,000 why was his more expensive? because the hospital knew he was a foreigner. Only advice I can give is if your looking at medical in the future research the hospitals to find out if they offer a good “FAIR” service and that its a hospital you want to use. Recently a friend of mine was sick in Mindanao that resulted in him staying in a nearby hotel due to the hospital not being clean and hygienic.

Am I trying to put you off coming to the Philippines? the answer no.. I am asking you to ask questions and think. So many people come here with a glossed over version of life and hit hard times rapidly. People like myself set things up in phases so our life is stable others arrive setup businesses without any local knowledge to see them collapse within months or find the love of their life they just signed over half their lump sum of cash from their pension to has another lover and quickly gives them the boot from the house keeping everything the guy invested. There are a huge number of horror stories and I can say a good portion of them are down to people not thinking and actions without waying up the situations.

The Philippines does offer great weather, friendly people and an easy life if you plan it properly do things by half here you will find you better have prepared that ticket home your going to need it.


2 comments for “Why live or retire in the Philippines?

  1. david rooke
    September 13, 2010 at 4:36 am

    Could not agree more.I can remember,having to grab some dressings and change the blood soaked bandages on my brother in laws leg because the nursing staff seemed to have forgotten to do it .In general hospitals here would make florence nightingale cringe

    • Tropicalpenpals
      September 13, 2010 at 7:20 am

      I couldn’t understand why people were needed at a friends recent child birth at a hospital until I realised they had to bring their own food, find their own medicines etc. etc. never experienced it before as I have only experienced military and UK domestic hospitals in my lifetime and pretty much once your through the door everything is taken care of. So here is a bit of an eye opener and something people should take a look at especially if “single” to have a contact who can organise things for them in an emergency.