Why live in Minglanilla,Cebu?

When people look at living in Cebu they often dismiss places like Minglanilla and Minglanilla itself because of being too provincial but the big question I would ask is it?

The odd thing is if you live in Minglanilla its got a lot going for it including cheaper cost of living compared to Cebu city. Its on the KMK bus route which means you can get to Elizabeth Mall, SM mall and Cebu city all very easily. For those looking for the beaches they are good in the south which with Minglanilla being the first major town as you head down the SRP from the city it also means your at the first town before you head to the beaches in Argao, Moalboal, Alcoy etc.

But what about living near the beach? Minglanilla doesn’t have a great beach but what I will say in response to that is most people I know who live near beaches, mountains or other natural beauty generally don’t use them because they live too close. So is living next to the beach going to be as rewarding as it first seems if you never go to it? Minglanilla has several resorts with pools costing P100 or less to use per day. Beaches being easily accessible by public or private transportation means you can actually enjoy the day out as a treat and likely to find it more rewarding.

Restaurant wise Minglanilla is still heavily under developed although its climbing up that ladder quickly the same as its malls as it now has a La Nueva and a Gaisano which weren’t there even 18 months ago.

Pollution is also another thing that isn’t as dense as Cebu city and street crime is a lot lower. There are few beggars here and back in 2007 from what I seen there was no begging at all then the recent town boom has brought some beggars with it but nothing in comparison to making your way round the Rotunda in the centre of the city.

Sporting facilities are also something that needs development but basketball, badminton as well as some sports gyms already exist in the town, same as things like spas for relaxation. Heading uphill or inland obviously offers cycling as well as jogging as most of that area has little development (due to most of Cebu being developed around its main roads most of the mountain areas have little development).

All I can say is Minglanilla can offer what you want to make of it and the fact that the general population are very friendly and accommodating only add to the experience of being here.