Why is the Yaya so important in the Philippines?


The thing with having a Yaya which goes against what I originally said when I first come to the Philippines is you need one. Things are slow in the Philippines to get done so your day to day stuff takes longer which means if your busy with things like Zoei here who has just woke up grumpy getting what you need to get done doesn’t always get done as your priority will always be the kids. So having a Yaya takes a lot of this pressure off but its also important that you don’t forget your kids need time with you as well. It  just gives you an extra pair of hands and hopefully our Yaya will stay as she seems to get on well with Zoei and with another kid on the way there is no doubt years of work available. How much does it cost for a Yaya? around P1600 – P2000 a month as well as free food and board. For those of you who don’t know what a Yaya is by the way its a childs Nanny. From what I have heard from friends a lot of the Yaya’s stop for decades and often just stay with the families. I hope this is the case with ours as no doubt she will get a better life and future with us as well as a fair bit of travel.