Why I was against giving any donations to Haiti


After experiencing developing countries you realise that the only way to give aid is directly yourself. There is corruption at all levels and many hands are involved. If you have corrupt government its riddled from the top down and theft is not only normal its acceptable and just routine in business. Why didn’t I target the Philippines for this article? because I live here but also I have already covered my thoughts on giving aid/donations to any charities here. There are some good ones I have to admit who do some good work but the majority simply abuse peoples trust and money disappears. Could be “administration fees” which is common or a golden handshake to get funds from central office either way things aren’t transparent enough for me to say I would back anyone 100% and if I can’t do that I can’t offer promotion or advise donations to anyone. Although I would happily do smaller projects here in Cebu that I can not only control but be part of. Its when you live in developing countries you realise corruption is expected and even shamelessly promoted by some.

Got hard earned money you want to donate? stick it in your savings account until you find something worth giving money to. Also don’t think you can rely on the UN either :-


All I ask is if your going to give money to think where it could or is going. As you could be making the problem worse long term as more money stolen equals more money used by corruption to keep elected and in power with no hope of change.