Why I live in the Philippines

Why I decided to live in the Philippines originally came about by a random meeting of my wife online, prior to that I hadn’t even thought about the country. Now in year three of being here and able to stay here full-time now big question is why would someone else want to live here in the Philippines?

For a start there is as many negatives as there are positives compared to living in most home countries but at the same time you end up with a few wildcards that make things worth being here. First one being the weather, even when it rains its constantly hot I have never felt cold in the whole time I have been here unless it was due to the air conditioning cooling being turned up too far. Then you have the ability function on very little money if you know how to work online. Back in the UK bills are a constant battle for most people which leaves no breathing room for change in many cases unless you take drastic action. Either way your rent/mortgage is likely to be high as well as your other bills such as electric,gas and fuel for the car. Here they are all reasonably cheap but I will say live in the countryside (provinces) you find your bills drop heavily compared to somewhere like Makati or Cebu city.

These reasons are a few of the ones of why I live in the Philippines and you could add to that things are more laid back in general but at the same time that does becoming annoying at times when you want something done! But one thing is for sure would I be here or prefer to be back in the UK there is very little that would get me to go back to UK except the orientation of money and to see my daughter Nicole. Pretty much everything else is no longer worth the effort, the life and sole got ripped out of the UK decades ago and like people would say sometimes the Philippines is nice for a visit I would say the same about the UK these days.