2 comments for “why I find banking double standards so irritating especially with my current bank Alliance and Leicester.

  1. Tropicalpenpals
    July 12, 2010 at 7:08 am

    had lots of problems with HSBC before I finally got rid of them. The worst one was when going to Orlando. Had arranged a loan over a month earlier and Friday afternoon (flying Saturday) was just about to leave work and grab some fuel money from the cash point to find it was £6,000 overdrawn! went into the branch, talked to the helpdesk (loosely termed obviously lol) why had the loan been revoked? because it was done via telephone banking and the bank had suddenly discovered internally that they weren't allowed to do it via telephone banking. End result was travelled home on empty had to go into the branch Saturday morning and just sign some forms and it was back in the bank with 30mins of signing. What a pain for something that had already been agreed. They don't mind me having to waste a Saturday or having to risk running out of fuel on the motorway after they made a mistake. Yet go OD by 0.01p and they will hit you with £40 charges. Makes me laugh when the UK is the international financial capital when we have the biggest numbers of crooks and bad banking services. Goes to show that the power is in the money people really don't matter at all to them, one chance we got to do something back the Government bailed them out.

  2. Andrew_wearign_well
    July 12, 2010 at 3:53 am

    I would agree man all banks suck not just the uk banks but all of them over here if anything they are even worse in terms of the charges they make you pay out. Credit card over here are insanely expensive that’s why I found it cheaper to use my uk credit card and pay the currency exchange. If you start to look at that wonderful charge for a letters they write to you to tell you are over drawn you were 10 pounds over drawn but not after the 15 quid charge you are now 25 pounds over drawn. If is well worth noting though that most uk banks are nice to money, if you have lots, then they are very nice and don’t charge you for much, I personally never got charged for anything for over 4 years, which was mainly because I had plenty of money in my business account that just sat there. They knew if they put the charges on me I would simply close my account and take the money to another bank that would play the way I wanted to. I have personally noticed now that the HSBC level of service to its customers has taken a nose dive, I still have over 100k in my account there, yet I still cant get to speak to anyone at my branch and I am only allowed to international transfer 10k at a time, makes me laugh really they restrict the movement of my money almost sounds like theft really haha!
    Not sure what the rest of you guys have found but when I go back to the uk I intend to clsoe my HSBC account and move it else were!