Why has a donation button appeared on TropicalPenpals?

Truth of the matter is I have spent over two years helping people online as well as locally and a lot of the time you don’t even hear the words “thank you”. Main thing for me originally and even now was to help people avoid being ripped off as well as having a fairly easy transition of moving to the Philippines with also being able to provide as much information as possible to them. What has happened though recently is that its getting expensive and time consuming. I am not talking about the blog by the way but often I am approached to help with businesses and to help them get started or people are asking what do I think on a business plan etc. which generally ends up with me completely re-writing it. Not just foreigners but pinoy as well. I don’t charge consultant fees on such things as people initially are just looking for guidance which quickly turns to them  sitting on the sideline while I sort out a lot of the issues. It’s either got to stop or they are going to have to start paying it’s ok to pick my brains for a bit of help but its gone way past that for most.

The other reason for the donation button is down to the information that is all over TropicalPenpals. People are buying E-books which are expensive and out of date. TropicalPenpals on the other hand is updated daily and on top of that the articles you read have a published date so you can even tell how upto date it is on an individual article. E.g if you read about a review on a restaurant and its dated on the article 2 years ago it would be worth calling the restaurant to check its still there. If it is no doubt most of the article still rings true. But things like immigration offices never seem to change and I generally avoid trying to write fee costs because they fluctuate I wouldn’t want someone budgeting on a fixed month to month to find out that fees doubled. Which has happened before in immigration you arrive its one price next month its another. It does seem to be more steady lately but not sure how long that will last. But also there is nothing stopping you and others updating a lot of the posts that’s why we have the comment system. Helping keep the site upto date helps others and with an ever increasing number of articles its impossible for me to do it myself.

Anyway just want to say if your finding your getting a lot of use out of the articles a $1.00+ donation is appreciated as it allows me to expand the site. I am also looking to fund a new motorcycle so that I can start building up tour maps of Cebu island then add Bohol and others in the future. The equipment list lately is a lot more than I really want to be spending personally and its main use is TropicalPenpals (e.g. buying a new camcorder with a wider lense for doing videos).