Why go dual core if you have gamers in an internet cafe?

We bought two as an experiment to see how people took to them over the Xbox’s and other machines problem is people have taken to them too well resulting in a need now to get rid of some of our P4s and replace with dual cores. Its a fine balance between what you need and what you would like. Some people just want to go on Facebook and browse the internet where the P4s are more than capable, even for games like Counter-Strike which is still a big thing here in the Philippines. Problems arise when people want to play things like CrossFire which is an online game and the Philippines has a franchise it seems the code is badly written as it resembles Counter-strike in many ways except it needs an excessive amount of processing and graphics power which I can only say is down to poor coding getting the machine to compensate. Result being it takes too long to load on the P4s as it loads different levels etc. and simply is just a buggy game. The kids currently trend it so can be here for up to 4hrs each at a time. So out with the old in with the new another 2 P4s will be going to be replaced with 2 Dual Core machines. I am doing it in twos until I hit a balance as a lot of the kids simply don’t need/want the dual cores and I don’t want to spend any more than I need to.