Why does it take so little to be happy?

One thing that amazes me is how little the majority of people have but they are happy. Its also no doubt the same reason many Filipinos don’t like to get promoted. Personal and family well being is a strong part in the average Filipinos life but also worldwide. If you take your life for example looking back on it when was your business or career most successful? I pretty much guarantee when you had a good home life or where still enjoying the single life. Why? Because when you have problems at home they follow you to work and then your problems at work follow you home. I find in the Philippines most people don’t want and don’t like to be stressed or worried.  Also the fact that most people around me are non materialistic, if there is a roof over they’re head and food on the table they are happy. Where did the West go wrong on these ideals? If you look at the bombings in the UK in the second world war things couldn’t get much worse but people pretty much bonded and helped each other and those friendships stayed. Now driven by things as a new Mercedes and the latest sports gear people have lost sight of what really matters..

For me life is about being content and its definitely the same for my wife. We live a simple life and enjoy it the way it is. I don’t drive a flash car in the Philippines because its not practical (infact took my 4th collision that I’m aware of in a car park today). Having a new car brings stress into a life because here there is a high chance it will be stolen or in some cases a risk of being shot at traffic lights for what’s in your wallet. So why get into that crap in the first place? We live in a small house because we choose to, for sure when Zoei reaches an age where she needs her own room she will have one but why pay for a 3 bedroom house if there are only 3 people living in it that all sleep in the same room? I have to admit though I would like a swimming pool and its on the cards with a project for the future but it wont be a personal pool for several reasons main one being it gets boring swimming on your own or only when you have friends over. So instead we will build apartments and stick the pool to the apartments to allow it to be shared with the people living there.

I used to live the good life in the UK and to be honest I wouldn’t trade what I have in the Philippines for anything. Yes there is issues with bad traffic, Immigration issues of having to register every other month and trying to develop a business in processing personal paperwork is a nightmare but to be honest it was worse in the UK.

I once tried to employ someone who was out of work in the UK and offer free training. The unemployment office said great!! you have to fill out this information pack, We will send someone round to check that health and safety regulations are compliant and the training has to be City and Guilds accredited. I thought this is just crazy.. Its cheaper to pay someone cash and take the extra taxes out of my own pay than dealing with all this legislation. In the end I employed my brothers, my now ex partners 2 brothers and my exs sister. Without any of the headaches.. why is it the UK makes things so hard to do?

Anyway getting back to my point. If your hear and getting bugged by things like every time you go to McDonalds they get your order wrong or the fact that everyone drives as if there is no traffic on the road. You should think about where you come from. We are all here for a reason and for some of us its to escape, others to retire and some of us do like to travel. But whatever the differences are the Philippines is the Philippines its unique, its colourful, there is never a day goes by that something doesn’t surprise me or make me laugh.. make it home and take it for what it is.