Why Do You Live In The Philippines?

boat It may be an odd question that I am asked regularly when talking to people in other countries but then again I wished more people would ask the same question before they moved here.

For me the Philippines is a think tank and a place to reside, in the UK I arrive I have to hit the ground running and keep working to keep ahead of bills and the constant expensive cost of living associated with everything in the UK lifestyle. This means things that I like doing I never have time to do as long work hours exist Monday to Sunday most of the time and pretty much although the evenings are mine I am normally in remote towns.

Not exactly the best way to live for sure, you can accumulate a fair bit of wealth a lot easier in the UK but at the time everything is relative to the work you put in.

The Philippines offers up running costs of less than 1/3rd of my UK living costs. Food is worse, traffic worse, pollution of all descriptions worse. But at the same time good weather most of the time, no bills to forget to pay, can employ people to take care of the daily chores etc. which is extremely expensive in the UK.

All in all the Philippines is a “home life” scenario its not perfect as things like education aren’t great which is why we are going to educate the kids in the UK. At the same time the education they will receive in the UK will be selective so they get the best possible head start we as parents can offer.

But even then its not a case of giving up on the Philippines as my wife will still be able to own land and business developments will continue in an environment much easier to operate than the UK. Stupidity with things like being unable to smoke in your own home if you designated a room as an office is typical madness in the UK where health concerns start to interfere in peoples personal lives. In the Philippines its simply none of anyone’s business and to be honest unless your causing problems generally you won’t see anyone official in any context.