Why do women look for Western men?

I was watching a TV documentary regarding Russian women and Western men who were meeting for the first time. The majority of men had high expectations but very few had looked at how they lived themselves. The problem with that is that about a decade ago Russian women were looking to escape Russia and poverty but these days they have money, nice jobs and independent. What they do struggle for though is reliable men. Drug and alcohol addiction mixed with wars has left a shortage of good men. The expectations of the women have risen and it shined through on the TV documentary as most women decided not to have a match even though they had Western men who were interested in commitment. The tide had changed.

In Asia its a bit different though but catching up fast there has been a severe change of attitude in China for example with its one child policy which is causing a reduction in females in a big way. For those of you who don’t know Chinese culture when a couple marries the bride becomes part of the grooms family and in turn responsible for his parents in old age. Leaving the brides parents to struggle alone. Couple that with the fact of western ideals sweeping into China women are often seeking Western men over locals and city dwellers over provincial husbands. This is starting to cause a shortage in the provinces which has resulted in kidnappings of women for marriage within China.

Thailand like the Philippines has experienced something different which has seen the rise of wealth by someone marrying a foreign. I watched a documentary on Thailand and the fact that most women in the sex industry were hoping that someday a foreigner would marry them and take them from the life they were stuck in. But that is only part of the story as like China the educated women in the Philippines and Thailand are also seeking foreign husbands for other reasons. In many instances its assumed its all financial benefit for the women that they choose a foreigner but its not. In Asian culture it is still a very male dominated society women want to be treated as an equal and with respect and its something they assume a western husband can bring to the table. As well as stability and commitment.

What are my personal thoughts?

Personally I think that a mixed marriage brings balance it does in our marriage. But our personalities and pretty much most things are a good match as we are happy to just spend time together even if doing nothing. We find that with my natural drive with ideas and Aprils ability to be level headed and supportive we get through life in a positive way and manage to stay content and happy. Could I find this in a Western woman? I don’t think I could find it in any other woman. April is my April and a happiness that I doubt I could find again anywhere else.