Why do so many foreigners get killed in the Philippines?

Funny enough the figure is quite low. But then again if you look at the reasons its all a bit bizarre and in many cases wouldn’t happen in the West. A lot of the murders that happen are related to Filipina wives or girlfriends often the foreign national is murdered by relatives and it’s pretty much premeditated. In far to many cases it comes down to money regardless of it being a “viable business” which is something that is becoming a dangerous venture for foreign owners of resorts in tourist hotspots. But also for the guy who remarried at an age of 60+ only advice I would offer anyone is enter a relationship with your eyes wide open. A twenty something wife might be something beautiful to look at but why did she marry you? Its not always the case but its always a sad thing to hear of someone being murdered simply for money. I love the Philippines and its people but there is a distortion of value that exists virtually in all families but not all members.

Advice for a foreign national is mix with foreign nationals. Like anywhere in the world its community that can pull things together. Not only that but it’s also a lot cheaper to live. You only need one maid between 5 people for example one thing is for sure though is never take anything for granted cover your back and that of your friends. I’m not saying that the average Filipino as a person is out to get you but if you based it on one in a thousand which seems realistic to me. A white face shows wealth instantly your a target but also the fact poverty is so high here. If someone robs or kills a foreigner its a minor issue as you lack the ability to cause revenge. A Filipino killing or robbing a Filipino is likely to cause a ripple and revenge will no doubt ensue. Just be aware you’re a foreigner in a foreign country. Everyone may smile but not all smiles offer friendship. I have yet to make any enemies in the Philippines but from the number of people that I’m aware of who died in 2008 most of them were killed by friends..