Why do people find talking about the obvious in the Philippines so hard?

I know things in the Philippines aren’t always great, the smog filled air, the constant beeping of horns, the neighbours that don’t care that people need to sleep before 3am so play loud music.

A lot of this stuff in Western society isn’t acceptable but even when it does happen in the West people talk about it and that’s the bit that doesn’t really happen in the Philippines.

Right now the run up to the UK elections is seeing the parties laying out their store with anti-immigration and false promises. Yet you will find people talking about it and probably more frustrated that we have no good politicians than anything else. But in the Philippines it’s the same problem just from a different perspective, little changes in either country and the support of a government doesn’t seem to have people waving in the streets letting you know. If anything you question who actually votes for anyone voted in these days?

But all part of this is being able to discuss to create a positive change. There are many things overseas that people see but will often ignore when going back home as they have seen the differences but often choose not to mention them. Why is it people can be overseas for 20 years and not mention the fact that sewers, internet, electrics and general infrastructure is better in most places they have been? Not only that it’s often better in the first year they went abroad in that country than the Philippines is today?

Yes we can all shout “foreigner go home” and does that really fix any of the problems? Because in all honesty what is it that makes everything so acceptable? Why don’t people do things themselves? After 7 years in the Philippines I still have to question why people don’t do more. But even back in the UK I know people want change but don’t know how to do it. The difference is though is I can hear it.

Complaining isn’t a bad thing its normal, not complaining and not wondering why things don’t work isn’t. To not question something and not to act upon it can only end in one thing a stagnant country that can only get worse.

As the old coconut trees stop producing and continue to not be replaced so does a small part of the economy start to dwindle. The BPO industry may be in the Philippines today but it will go as quick as it arrived. The cost of living continues to rise at a high rate in the major cities where you find usable infrastructure, and it won’t take many years until Western employees can match the pay scale that brought the call centre’s to Asia in the first place.

Its time to talk, complain, debate and look at what can be done.