Why do I write articles the way I do?

There is a lot of expats who are very opinionated and make it difficult for others to get the right information or a broad view on it. OFW’s have another problem where they worry about offending people back home. So I sit somewhere in between I will say the things a lot of people don’t want to hear yet its true, I will give advice on things I have seen or done not what I have just thought about.

A recent pseudo visitor was quick to complain and draw opinions of me being arrogant and elitist but at the same time I think they never even bothered to read any articles to actually understand that the things I write are of the broad topics that a lot of people won’t talk about a lot of the reason being that they are worried about flack from such people. A discussion yesterday with friends came back to something I said before “does it really matter?” if you don’t like someone online or don’t like what they think does it matter? is it going to change your thoughts, the way your daily routine goes or just that living in the internet bubble you feel you need to personally attack someone? I am not elitist and generally I spend most of my time with people that live around us locally. I don’t think I know it all otherwise why would I bother writing a blog? A lot of the information here is questions or trying to get people to work together. A recent example is someone down in Mindanao who has a large coconut farm but developing this business is all new to them and how to find ways to make it make money. I have a friend here in Cebu who is already operating a coconut farm and has spent a lot of time researching and continuously improving it. What do I get out of it? just the fact I have put two people together to help each other. Do I claim to be able to do business better than anyone else? no.. but I am good at networking people with similar businesses or needs together. The comment about people being from all walks of life was also in relation to people like yourself who would like to say I am “Elitist” or anything else the truth of the matter is I am not. Wealth is measured in happiness not in money its a pity the pseudo visitor couldn’t understand that.

Truth of the matter is I look to get people to network up locally and internationally to make life more enjoyable and easier for everyone. I have no alterior motive or looking for financial gain. If its business I state it as that fact, couldn’t make it any clearer. I am not an NGO and most of them I am cautious to get involved with because I have seen corruption and financial abuse in the big charities in the UK never mind here. I am not as easy to persuade to get involved in “helping” as I have found over time that most “charities” don’t progress to a sustainable future. The “limbo” state of poverty is something that needs to change within them but also peoples attitudes about donating as they don’t question where every donation goes. Prime example is Kiva.org which states how your 0% investment in them to their partners helps people but if you look a bit deeper you will find your lending your money at 0% but they can be lending it out for nearly 50% interest per annum. Not a bad return for no risk and a little administration. I don’t always have the solutions but I do like to give people information to say if your donating to anything look deeper into the charities and what they are doing, look at how much “administration” charges are skimmed off. Its not always obvious as some of the directors of charities don’t take a salary but may get free vehicles, free fuel, free lunches and doing fundraiser events that really don’t make any money. Am I talking about a land rover in Africa and a teacher? No I’m talking a none working executive for a charity taking around £30,000 a year for doing nothing in the UK except a lunch once a month as a fund raiser but the rest of the month when they are out and about its your donations that pay for their expenses. Same people are generally on several charities.

Its a little bizarre that a pseudo would come onto the blog and post so much random nonsense in a personal attack except for the fact his life fitted into one of the stereotypes of the 4 types of expat and it was the one he doesn’t want to admit he is. If your a sexpat grow some balls and admit it you can polish it however you like but at the end of the day your still paying for sex. Sound very unstable and should just lighten up. I really don’t care what your problems are as its not important to me but you should look at what your own issues are within yourself as it sounds like you do have a bit of a drink problem as well as mental stability. . wish you well though as like  most Expats here we all need friends and your attitude may steer you away from being able to do that.