Why do guys fall in love with Filipinas?

Its a funny question but there are a lot of reasons. Some of them are very common and some are on a person to person basis. For the majority of traits though many guys find that Filipinas have a more than great sense of humour and very playful. I think a lot of women personally can be more tom boy than female which is attractive to a guy I’m not talking about gay or any other distorted form but like me and April at Christmas April had no problem in slitting a turkeys throat. She’s into things I’m into which makes for a better marriage. e.g. just bought April an MP5 automatic machinegun for part of her valentines so she can play Airsoft with me. Filipinas are also very forgiving and understanding which is where a lot of guys go wrong in abusing this trust and friendship. There is also the fact that Western guys find Filipinas beautiful in looks and skin colour where most Filipinas find that darkened tanned skin isn’t sexy in preference to white skin (which is why Filipinas find white guys sexy!). I also find the people I know in the Philippines both friendly and fun to be around. No matter what is going on in the world or even personally there is always smiles and jokes being found. I may not be a Filipino but I am very honoured and happy to be round such people that bring so much happiness into my life and I am thankful I found my beautiful and wonderful wife here that we now call home.