Why Do Filipinas Love Foreigners?

Its a question many people ask including myself sometimes. I have a beautiful wife who loves and cares for me like no other woman would why is it she loves me as much as I love her? For many cases its the fact that local guys have a habit of having more than one girlfriend infact my barber said it in the best context when he offered for me to meet his sister when I told him I am already married “One wife many girlfriends!!” then began laughing.. and to be honest its true from many women I have met over the last year or so in the Philippines about marriages going sour after finding the husband already had a girlfriend elsewhere. Why guys do it I don’t know.. maybe because the Philippines got more Eves than Adams.. there is a lot of beautiful women here, not only that they are approachable friendly and often will go the extra mile to help you out (business wise I’m talking) they want to be your friend. So what do they see in foreign guys? A lot of women put foreign guys on a pedestal they don’t deserve to be honest. Believing the guy wont cheat because its not as common in Western cultures (which maybe true in a lot of cases). There is also the factor that a woman with a child isn’t valued in the Philippines culture if she is unmarried no local guy would marry her but a western guy sees passed that. There is also the white skin, blue eyes that she would love her children to have from her husband. Then there is the fact you can pull a woman from poverty in one swift swoop.. The average Filipina working is earning less than $6 a day so if a western guy comes along they fall in love and he gives her an allowance it doesn’t scrape your budget but gives your new found love a new lease on life and a chance to better herself and her family. Money for most may sound the most attractive reason for Filipinas finding a foreigner and to be honest it may be the true in more than 50% of cases especially in the beginning then you both start to really fall in love and what at first seemed like a relationship that you think you didn’t deserve with this beautiful woman that stands in front of you and is proud to call herself your wife.. it has now moved to love and you value and treasure each moment together. Love doesn’t come easy so if you find it grab hold of it and keep hold.. be happy and enjoy the friendship and love that you have.