Why do Filipina’s leave Pinoy’s for foreign men they haven’t even met?

Its a question I have asked a lot of Filipina’s and is based on “local” knowledge not OFW’s as I can only take the information from the people I have actually met. The question also recently came up from a friend of mine who was asking why his girlfriend of seven years left him for a foreign husband.

People will say its the blue eyes, long nose, money but every woman I have spoken to have never mentioned any of those as the main reasons. The motivation seems to be from stability and a belief that Foreigners make better husbands. Before people start complaining I am telling you the response they gave me its not my opinion. What I have seen though in the women  I met is they are tired of waiting for commitment from their Filipino boyfriends, as well as drinking habits and many having affairs. Because in most Filipina’s eyes the foreigners seems to be sat on a pedestal that says he will be loyal, loving and a good provider which if your actually an Expat you can make other judgements from the male sector here. Generally the financial factor is a leader as a provider because here you can live a reasonable life on a fixed pension where in the West a woman may not look twice at a guy for having such limited funds. Here people don’t expect the plasma TV, a brand new car and the consumerism world rolled through the letterbox. Most people are happy with food on the table and a roof over their heads. An expat is often likely to drink heavily but because they have regular funds they can still provide, many pinoy’s don’t have that luxury.

So what is the main point of this topic? well the fact is most Pinoy’s could keep hold of their relationships if they worked harder at it. Most women here seem to want to settle down, have a house, kids and just live an average life. They aren’t asking for the world which is why a 70 year old Foreigner can be with a 20 something girl as he can provide all that is asked for. In a country that does suffer with high unemployment aswell as most of its population living below the poverty line it does become a survival of the fittest by natural selection in human emotions. What I can say though is every woman I know who left a boyfriend has been with him for years and asked for marriage and commitment and didn’t get it. There are many of our Pinay and Pinoy friends who are happily married in Filipino marriages but that’s because the commitment was there from both sides. So if your wondering why someone left you or wanting to ask why your partner has started looking on-line my question to you would be to take a look at yourself and the relationship and decide is it something you have done or should do before its too late.

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  1. Frenzy3
    September 20, 2010 at 12:42 pm

    Yes it seems the looks and the commitment are what they like..