Why are you at more risk in the Philippines than your home country?

why are you at more risk in the Philippines than at home?
** I write from experiences and not opinion read below **
1. Your in a 3rd world country and are foreign so your rich.
2. Standing out like a sore thumb makes you an opportunists ideal target.
3. Your in holiday mode and as such are off guard.
4. People who do most of the crime in the Philippines relating to foreigners may already be known to them.
Guard related to fired cleaner.
Girlfriends and wives.
5. Your in an unfamiliar country yet there is no assumption of risk, I know many people (including myself) that have no issue going into areas a lot of Filipinos wouldn’t be happy to go into. In your home country I am sure you would know parts of your own town you wouldn’t enter so why would you do it in a foreign country?
6. You assume the law works.
7. Political power overules most things in the Philippines.
8. Neighbours may not help you even if they heard screams at night.

These are just a few of the reasons that go against you. Most of them you wouldn’t have a problem with in your own country. Personally I had no issues in the Philippines whatsoever but have seen very bad things happen to other people. A few listed below :-
1. Someone and they’re partner accused of a child murder they did not commit and the case has now collapsed as far as I am aware (his partner is now out of jail after spending 2 yrs, while he has managed to fight the legal battle because he was overseas otherwise he would be rotting in jail without even the bail hearing being heard yet).
2. A guy who lost his restaurant and everything he owned because his wife sold everything including the business to 3 different people (all turning up thinking they owned it). Before disappearing and hoping to vanish to Canada. The guy didn’t treat her bad she was simply bad news.
3. An expat who was murdered by his wife’s ex-boyfriend (or present) in the next town. Did the guy do anything wrong? Answer is no his wife just seeked out an opportunity to kill him for what she could get.
4. An expat who moved to the Philippines to retire with his wife, got sick and ended up in hospital. Wife disappears with access to his social security cheques back to the U.S. to sell the house and disappear with her new boyfriend in the U.S. leaving the guy to die.

The list can go on and on but the point is these aren’t normal situations in your home country. There is a severe cruel side to some people who don’t even recognise the damage they do to others to the point of murders during elections. There is also a lot of good people in the Philippines and its understanding that there is always a risk because your in unfamiliar territory that people need to recognise. Because you don’t know the history of people, you didn’t grow up with them, you don’t know the people in the neighbourhoods, you don’t get that knowledge without time and experience in the country. As such its why I say to people just be cautious and look out for yourself as you may find nobody else will.

I love the Philippines and as I have said I never had any issues personally. But some of the stuff that has happened to others has changed them completely. Be it 6ft under or personality changes and the biggest thing of all in nearly all situations “IT COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED”. Except for the attempted framing of the murder which in reality has been a lengthy battle to clear names and a lot of money in legal fees. But they were lucky enough for the guy to be offshore when the bungled case was put together otherwise it would have been yet another complete loss of an expat life in the Philippines.

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