Why Are We Going To The UK Over Life In The Philippines?

The debate continues as some people are wondering why I took a sharp turn round to take things from the Philippines to the UK. First thing is I often ponder things long term and during the time we moved to the Philippines we have seen a financial depression sweep the world as well as changes in governments. On top of that the future of the Philippines and most of the world has also changed with the economics of everything around us.

But add to that several business ventures that should now be well developed and making a strong income they have been hindered by a lack of available skills, infrastructure and trust. The issues of trust I hadn’t expected to be so bad and to be honest to most people I know I can trust the majority of people around me with most things. The issue with this is business and bringing in new people that I know have already created problems for others. Now its not all about direct theft but things like overpricing because they know the end clients are foreign businesses. For example take a website development, looking at small sites as a target audience where redeveloping an entire site shouldn’t take anymore than 3 days. Add to that custom graphics and good SEO should be selling to the clients at around P20,000 each but you find people realising that your clients are foreign and instantly go for P20,000 for themselves which would be fine if they had located the clients overseas and had actually developed the business. But instead assume their worth P20,000 for 3 days work when locally most people I know don’t earn that a month. Doing themselves out of a regular flow of work and for me means more time dedicating to learning new skills or trying to locate people to fill in the gaps. E.g. graphics is not my forte unless you like a collection of stick figures! This has happened time and time again as well as people simply not coming through with the end product even after all the ground work has been done. Normally me sourcing clients, pre-selling and all it needs is them to turn up at a meeting with the product and they vanish. This is where many of my problems came from doing things in the Philippines as fluctuations in price and unreliable labour became a regular issue. Doesn’t mean I am giving up but it does mean I am not sitting here another year full-time trying to develop businesses that really only need to be emails and sales pitches. At the same time going to the UK also means I can employ people full-time I know who can do the job properly something I couldn’t commit to before. Ideally I was looking for people to do things that benefited everyone as the coin slot machine business will be doing shortly on a 60/40 split initially going to 50/50 later on once initial investment recoups. I don’t want to be paying minimum salary and its something that came up recently with a friend of mine as he mentioned what I had said about not overpaying people and said I was right. Well he’s right as for most paying above the odds normally causes other issues such as alcoholism or people thinking your stupid. But working as a business partner the opportunity is about commitment and developing a long-term future of their own backs not sitting around being told what to do.

Now returning to the UK things will take time to develop at the same time its not as critical as it was while in the Philippines as any resource we spent on trying to get things moving is something that cost money or time we couldn’t really afford to be wasting on unreliable people. In the UK I can speculate more at the same time hoping some of the people I am about to use take up the banner realising there is scope to earn a hell of a lot more money than they are currently.

Now the crunch here is the kids as its them I have been spending a lot of time pondering what is the best options for them. I have also been ill this week so a bit more sensitive to air pollution and finding the neighbours burning garbage in multiple directions as well as the usual dust and pollution in the rivers is it really an environment I want the kids to be brought up in? If it was just me and the wife I can deal with the issues here as well as get on with business but even then its more likely I would just to my wife to the UK as well as we can develop things faster. I want to show a comparison scale and will do on the next article.

What started the ball rolling on thinking about moving to the UK? to be honest was kids toys! may sound a bit bizarre but searching trying to find good kids toys was disheartening here in Cebu. Most things are missing and its mainly educational things I am seeking for the kids to boost early development to the point I started thinking about buying a saw and lathe to make educational toys. Next stop TV and educational stuff there, quick question where is it? Showtime and the other shows are brainwashing material same as the constant advertisements on TV which is why I advise throwing the TV out or getting yourself hooked up to educational DVD’s for kids its actually doing more damage than good. I know I start to sound like a paranoid parent but its because I can see the affects going on in daily life all over the place. Kids getting sugary drinks and games consoles/computers leading to low attention spans and mood swings its basic issues that crop up in dysfunctional society. In the UK its often about replacement of time with kids with pampering and guilt buying purchases kids neither need or should have. Doesn’t mean things can’t change just means its often difficult to do it here in the Philippines because location wise where are the green spaces for kids? where are the play parks? Because its easy to chuck a PSP into a kids hands to shut them up but in reality they should be playing outside especially with a growing obesity problem tied to fast food in the country where Jollibee is pushed more than vegetables.

In the comparison in the next articles you will see what led me to the decision to relocate.