Why are Filipino women so sexy?

maja salvadorIts something that is obvious in the attraction to Filipina’s but why are the women of the Philippines so attractive in the first place? Throughout history the Philippines has been known for its women’s natural beauty but also a lot of people forget its the person behind the looks that is more important. The fact that the female population seems to have an excessively large perportion of attractive women compared to ugly or overweight is only part of the the allure. As I think there are a lot of traits within the female population that also make them more attractive such as the smallest gift is always appreciated because it was neither expected or requested. The fact that you got it especially for them. The fact that most women are still real women with a mix of tom boy in there that gives you not just a dainty attractive partner but someone who actually does a lot more than a lot of guys I know. E.g. my wife isn’t bothered by bugs or rats wouldn’t think twice on killing them. Not a scream and jumping on a chair but a swift beating with a stick or broom. One of the most important things which does drive men here for a new life is that the women are generally happy to accept you for who you are. Always reminds me of a joke where the groom looks into his brides eyes and thinks to himself “this is the woman of my dreams” and at the same time she is looking into his eyes thinking “i will make him into the man of my dreams”. Pretty much rings true in most parts of the world but here most women i know accept you as you are, being a bit overweight is still seen as culturally a show of wealth although slowly the health and media are changing that persona. Leah_Dizon_sexy_07

The truth of the matter is generally Filipinas are not only very attractive, loving, caring and generally loyal most are still putting family loyalties first. Which in some ways can work for and against you depending on the family. I also think that part of life is slowly changing as well as the drain on the finances as an OFW or a wife of a foreigner is something that is not only leading to a lot of divorces but also peoples attitudes towards it are changing. When enough is enough. As simply there have been enough problems over the last 20 years relating to family issues and the explosion of the internet people are becoming wiser to the purse strings being pulled and the manipulation that is used on the women of the Philippines. Personally I could never see the point of anyone wanting to marry anyone but a girl from the Philippines. After years of trying and unhappy relationships in the West the fact of the matter is speaking from the UK perspective women in the UK are driving for equality that suits them ie. its equal as long as its more equal for them. Have the cake and eat it at the same time its why a lot of people are starting to skip marriage in a preventative measure to stop the risk of losing all assets. But at the same time your dealing with UK women who are drinking as much as men, want to do the same work and seem to be moving away from having a family and children to more of a lifestyle suiting a single male. Here you are finding women in the Philippines want those guys who are wanting marriage, are wanting loyalty and families. Not because the guys are lost souls unlucky to find a woman which is often the stereotype but truth of the matter people like me aren’t interested in UK women. Had too many headaches over the years and to be honest i wasn’t even looking to get married when i met April but generally things happen here and it changes people in an instant. Not always a good thing but for me i have no complaints.

I have a beautiful wife who is smart, loving and hard working as well as family orintated what else do i need? It may be assumed i am sexist or oppressive but truth of the matter is if you ask my wife like today she is going out with friends. I encourage April to do what she wants to do, i encourage April to go back to college although a graduate engineer her real love is cooking and i will support my wife in anything she wants to do. Marriage of convenience or to escape poverty may jump as a defence mechanism for some out there. But if you have that mindset it will never change. The world is changing and the internet brings the world so much closer, we are happily married in a genuine marriage and although there are the 70 year old guys with the 20 something girls we aren’t them im 36 and my wife is 31 its a normal life for us.

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But there is no denying the natural beauty of the Filipina’s tied with a mix of diet, good weather, and culture on top of that the ability to be naturally sexy will always cause men to look and stare in the West but here in the Philippines we are the attractive ones. Blonde hair, blue eyes, white skin are things sought after by many for their children as well as having a handsome husband in their eyes. But more often than not they wouldn’t get a second glance from most people in their home country. That is why a lot of women under value their beauty here as simply most women are beautiful so most women see themselves as average. I can think of a lot worse scenarios in life but i am glad i live here..

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  1. John Hall
    June 18, 2010 at 12:22 am

    Yeah Matt. I love Filipino women. Especially when its dark and they got all these hot little curves. Once you go black you never go back!

  2. Stephen William Stanford
    November 8, 2011 at 1:20 am

    Great article. My Fiancée is Filipino and I can relate to everything you wrote here. Thanks and all the best for the future to you and your wife. 🙂