Why A Piggery Works In The Philippines

A lot of people will tell you a piggery is a pointless business to be involved in and depending on your budget they maybe right. You really need to look at the figures to understand why..

If you have 10 pigs + piggery + feeds your looking at an investment of around = £1000

Return wise you will get around P1,000 per month upwards depending how much work you put into the business. But ideally its a better business for a “Filipino” because foreigners here seem to base incomes in Western coinage  not the fact that it only takes an hour a day.

The figures are a bit distorted at the moment due to the exchange rates but basically it worked out at 10% to 15% per month which is higher than most banks will give you in interest for sitting the money in the bank. The difference is you split 50/50 with relatives so you don’t even have to be there. It would take around 2 years to get your investment back and around an hour a days work out of 10 pigs (bearing in mind you can do 30 pigs in the same time).

Now if you bought an apartment = P2million rent would be anything from P10k to P30k per month depending on location you are looking at a return of around 1% to 3% per month… So which is the best business???

Long term the apartment will go up in value but if you invested profits from the pigs surely this would too??

This is what a lot of people argue the toss over.. property or farming.. the truth is if you work either market they are profitable but you need to know what you are doing. Investing P2m in pigs is crazy without fully understanding where to offload the animals in the first place. But so is buying a property that your aren’t sure will be rentable.

There are plenty of ways to make money in the Philippines but I just wanted to show why people saying buy property! are also offset by pig owners.. because the truth is either works as long as your good in business.