Why a foreign boyfriend or husband that reads is important.

You cannot predict how a relationship will begin or end with someone closely but you can reduce the risk of bad experiences by looking at traits in a person. Finding a partner who is a strong reader is one of of these things.

reading-a-bookBut also its also worth a foreigner looking at before seeking to start a partnership as well. As someone who reads has several good things going for them. The very fact they keep themselves occupied means they are less likely to get themselves into trouble or stray.

The regular reading also means that their vocabulary and knowledge is growing but also may have an interest you can share. They are also likely to be good at handling finances and have a longer attention span.

Its an art that many people are losing and if you knew that Americans read less than one book a year finding someone who’s a regular reader and keen to continue reading may be a needle in a haystack. But they are also very likely to be a person who thinks things through. They are a keeper in a relationship and focused as an adult.

For a Filipino its worth getting into the same habits if you can as you can learn from each other, knowledge should be embraced and life shared. Reality TV shows and things like Facebook have battered the brain power of the planet but it doesn’t mean go down without a fight!

An hour with your head in a book is going to increase your knowledge every day while browsing the web is just going to see the clock tick and not really achieving anything. The book is a clear path from beginning to end and as such more selection has taken place than a Google search on a word.

By very nature avid readers are going to be more organised because they are organising themselves on a regular basis to release them time to read. Which also means they are going to be generally better organised in life and have more time for their partner.